ECommerce Style Website Design

A web design for Daily Brain Booster from Simplemachine created in the Winter of 2017.

Daily Brain Booster is an all-natural 2.5 oz energy drink that was developed to enhance memory, focus, and concentration, while also improving overall energy levels. The product is heat-pasteurized and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. This drink is designed as a memory supplement – basically, anyone that wants to improve their memory should take it. This includes people with memory loss or dementia, professionals that require optimal memory function, college and professional students, and anyone that consumes energy drinks.

The human brain is a special gift, capable of amazing things- it is up to you to optimize your brain’s health and function. Results of increased energy levels are almost immediate with use. It typically requires two weeks of continuous use to experience improvements in short-term memory. Daily Brain Booster also results in improved memory after 12-18 months of continuous use secondary to improved neuronal metabolism (from antioxidants).

The client came to Simplemachine with the goal of a creation a sleek, yet energetic web design that was user-friendly and simple to find all of the information. The Daily Brain Booster website was handcrafted using a simple approach that incorporated their energetic style along with a simple flow. Working with Daily Brain Booster was so much fun and we are excited to showcase the innovative web design that was created to fit their needs.

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