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Maxie & Maria is the hot new art gallery that recently opened their doors in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas! Maxie & Maria is full of paintings, vintage pieces, amazing sculptures (by Robert Wick), American Art, Classical Art and unique pieces from different artists from different time periods. At Maxie & Maria, all of the pieces spur dialogue, conversations, and debate on different aspects of life. The knowledge and expertise behind the gallery is all due to Mac, the founder and lover of fine art, as he has been collecting art and studying the craft for more than 20 years!

Founders Mac & Tanya are very fun and passionate about the artwork that is showcased throughout Maxie & Maria! They really value the authenticity of antique artworks, and also believe in upholding the financial and social value of fine art. Tanya, in her past, was a photographer by trade until she fell in love and joined forces with Mac to create this beautiful art gallery. Together they have brought beautiful works of art to be showcased to the Northwest Arkansas community. Tanya & Mac have two dogs and enjoy meeting local artists in the area interested in showcasing their works!
We, here at Simplemachine, loved working with another local client. We are dedicated to helping your business grow and watching Bentonville bloom!


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