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Website Design for First Baptist Church in Lowell, AR – FBC Lowell, created by Simplemachine in 2017.

FBC Lowell is a Southern Baptist church with a biblical view of salvation. The church is a fusion of all ages, races, places, backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, and cultures, and they strive to be a united body of believers through the power of the Holy Spirit. Each member has their own story… each unique and powerful in its own right. Those stories, or testimonies, are what we long to share with others as we seek to introduce others to faith in our Lord and Savior.

No church is made up of the building and properties it possesses. Instead the embodiment of the church, is with its people. The church is a living, breathing, growing, loving group that cannot be contained within the walls of any building. Therefore we recognize the importance of each member of the body of FBC Lowell. Time and time again in scripture we are called to serve and place others ahead of ourselves. At FBC Lowell we encourage all members to serve in whatever capacity God has gifted each person.God has placed us here at this time and place to make a difference, and FBC Lowell invites you be a part of that.

Working with FBC Lowell was an incredible experience! The end product is just another example of we how we can tailor a website to fit the needs of each client. Check out the custom made web design Simplemachine created to get a closer look at how we can help you!



First Baptist Church Lowell
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