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Website design for redKite – Created by Simplemachine in December of 2015.

redKite is an experience seeker’s gateway to adventure! “Experience your World” is their motto, and they offer a truly unique experience to the residents of Northwest Arkansas.  Whether you are a thrill seeker or love to enjoy the finer things in life, redKite offers a variety of experiences for you to enjoy.  Their website functions as a gift voucher system, allowing for visitors of their website to purchase a gift or “experience” from a wide variety of options, and upon purchase, that gift be sent as a voucher that is automatically emailed to the recipient of their choice. Of course you can purchase an experience all for yourself, but it’s an awesome way to buy something different for a change! We encourage you to try out one of the experiences listed on their website — as a matter of fact, we are getting ready for a homemade chocolate and wine tasting here at Simplemachine, and how about going skydiving for the first time?!

Although a challenging, tedious website to produce, we had a blast working on this project and are thrilled to have it included in our portfolio.  It really turned out to be a fun website and a great experience for the user.  The website also displays our capabilities as a company, showing that we can create the website of your dreams!  Follow your dreams and take an adventure!



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