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Simplemachine created a website for the non-profit, Juniper Tree Retreat during the Winter of 2017. This project was a complete web design overhaul, utilizing a design that reflects the company’s brand, while also creating a simplified, faster-loading website.

Juniper Tree Retreat is for individuals who dedicate their lives to serving others, such as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, firefighters, law enforcement officers, active military, veterans, and caregivers. The peaceful environment provides an escape from everyday stresses and from the constant giving of self to others. Cabins, trails, amenities, and facilities are available at no cost to those who serve, protect and assist. Our mission is to provide a place of tranquility where they can rest, replenish and relax from the everyday stresses and constant giving of self. Staff members and donors are dedicated to giving back to those who serve all of us.

The Juniper Tree Retreat website was hand crafted using a simple approach that incorporated their relaxed style along with a simple flow. We had such a positive experience working with Juniper Tree Retreat and we are proud to showcase the innovative web design that was created to fit their needs. Contact Simplemachine today for your company’s next website design.



Juniper Tree Retreat
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