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Learning local history has fantastic benefits because it can spawn interesting conversations with visitors. As a website design company, we like to explore stories behind the cities we serve. The Texas city Grand Prairie crosses three counties: Dallas, Tarrant and Ellis and is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

The history of this city, called initially Dechman, traces back to 1863 when Alexander McRae Dechman founded it. He had bought over a few hundred acres east of the Trinity River and a hundred acres of timberland on the west side of the river, among other items for a generous deal. 

The following decade Dechman made a deal with the T&P Railroad to acquire a portion of his property, which allowed the rail project to be built and connect with other cities. Due to an error, the town’s first U.S. Post Office was called Deckman in 1877. So to avoid confusion, the name was changed back to what had appeared on 1850s maps between Dallas and Fort Worth, Grand Prairie. Then in 1909, it was incorporated as a city. Since WWI it has been an important center for the defense and aviation industries.

Grand Prairie had a chance to expand when it proposed annexing about 70 square miles of land in southern Dallas and Tarrant counties. Pressure from nearby cities kept this expansion that was supported by the mayor and city council from happening. The city made national news in the late seventies when American Airlines announced it was relocating its headquarters from New York City to the Dallas area. The airline remained in town until 1983, when it moved to Fort Worth. 


Where We Are Now

In the 2010 U.S. census, the city had a population of over 175,000, making it nearly one of the 100 most populated cities in America. Major landmarks and attractions in Grand Prairie include:

  • Lonestar Park and GPX Skate Park
  • The Theatre at Grand Prairie
  • Traders Village – the largest flea market in Texas
  • The Ballpark in Grand Prairie – minor league baseball (Airhogs)
  • Uptown Theatre

Lonestar Park is home to Memorial Day horse racing. The Theatre at Grand Prairie has gone under various names since it opened in February 2002. It launched as Next Stage Performance Theatre with enough space for 6,300 people. Since then, the name has changed from Nokia Live at Grand Prairie to Verizon Theatre. The elegant venue delivers big-name musical entertainment, including Broadway productions to this small community. The name changed again in July 2018 to its current identity. 

Traders Village, a site for many special events, is open on weekends from early morning to dusk. Airhogs Stadium, owned by the city, holds 5,445 people for baseball games and over 6,000 for football games. The stadium opened in 2008 and the new expansion team the AirHogs became league champions three years later. 

Vought Aircraft was based in Grand Prairie through most of the 20th century. The company sold its missile and space division to Lockheed Martin. Now the biggest defense name operating in the city, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control is the second biggest employer in Grand Prairie, with over 3,000 employees. The top employer is a local independent school district. At one time the city was the North American headquarters for the company that became Airbus Helicopters, Inc.

The city does not have public transportation and is not connected with the Dallas Area Regional Transit (DART) system. On the city government’s website, it says the reason residents don’t have the public transportation option is due to a one-cent sales tax requirement for participating cities by DART. But the West Irving Light Rail station serves a part of the city along with a local Park and Ride service. City officials regularly have meetings with DART to discuss possible participation opportunities. 


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