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Plano is positioned about 20 miles north of Dallas’s central business district. Plano is a part of the greater Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area yet stretches across Collin and Denton Counties. About 300,000 people live in this beautiful Texas city. Part of what makes Plano so appealing is its economic opportunity. However, Plano did not always have an abundance of employers. To understand how Plano developed into the beautiful city it is today you must first understand its history. Europeans initially settled the land that modern-day Plano rests on in the 1840s. The area’s population grew as gristmills, sawmills, and stores were soon erected. The once-small town put several names up for a vote until the Spanish word of “Plano,” meaning “flat,” was approved. Plano’s namesake is a reference to the comparably flat local terrain that lacks distinguishing features.

The establishment of the Houston and Central Texas Railway catalyzed Plano’s growth. The city was officially incorporated a year later in 1873. At this point, Plano’s population was a mere 500 people. Fast forward seven years later and a massive fire destroyed the city’s primary business district. This was also the year when Plano’s private schools were forced to compete with the Plano Independent School District. By 1900, the town’s population reached the 1,300. About 60 years later, Plano had more than 3,600 citizens. The local population boomed after World War II. Tax alterations combined with public works projects stripped the farming community from the area yet spiked the population that much more. Nearly 18,000 people called Plano home by 1970. 

Fast forward to 1980 and Plano had a whopping 72,000 people. It did not take long for the corporations to follow. The likes of Frito-Lay and J.C. Penney established headquarters in Plano in the 80s. In 1994, Plano’s population topped the 130,000 mark, helping it earn the title of an All-America City. Plano quickly became one of the largest suburbs in Texas, boasting a population above 220,000 by 2000. Nowadays, hardly any land within the city limits remains available for development. 


Where We Are Now

Plano is considered one of the country’s most livable cities thanks to its bustling economy, navigable terrain and high quality of life. All sorts of massive corporations have headquarters and offices in this beautiful part of Texas. The likes of Capital One Finance, Toyota Motor North America, Bank of America Home Loans, Red Bee Media, the forementioned Frito-Lay, and J.C. Penney call Plano home. DXC Technology and Texas Health Plano are also in the top 10 of Plano employers. Additional companies with a strong presence in Plano include FedEx Office, Cinemark Theatres, Beal Bank, At Home, NTT Data Services, Pressman Toy Corporation, Liberty Mutual, Siemens PLM Software and Main Event Entertainment. More than three-quarters of Plano’s visitors are in town on business, primarily because Plano and close-by Dallas are hotbeds for economic activity. Furthermore, the city’s convention center attracts its fair share of conferences and other events. Plano shoppers have an abundance of options to choose from: The Shops at Legacy, Collin Creek Mall and the Legacy Bend.

Plano visitors have no shortage of options in terms of entertainment, landmarks, and things to do. Plano Veterans Memorial Park stands out amongst the many local options. Rife with hiking trails, sculptures, and a peaceful natural landscape, this park is undoubtedly one of Plano’s most revered attractions. The park pays homage to America’s armed services with a plaque for each branch of the military. Be sure to check out Chisholm trail from Custer Road where you will find an array of statues honoring veterans and their loved ones.

Over the Moon, a City Line commissioned sculpture, is a must-see for Plano residents and visitors alike. This sculpture was designed to inspire onlookers to reach for the moon. As the saying goes, even if those who shoot for the moon fail, they will land amongst the stars. If you visit this sculpture, be sure to take some pictures. The sculpture looks best at night when the moon shines bright in the background.

Plano is no longer the farming community it once was yet it still has a local farm worth checking out. The Heritage Farmstead is a family-friendly space smack dab in the middle of Plano. Bring along family, friends, a significant other or your business associate to check out this beautiful open area. Constructed way back in 1891, Heritage Farmstead is composed of a farm and house preserved to perfection. Visitors can experience farm life as it was more than a century ago. The Heritage Farmstead provides visitors with the opportunity to view replicas of farm life including dishes, clothing, and baths from years gone by. Be sure to check out the single room schoolhouse to get a sense of what it was like to be a student in Plano’s farming days.

All in all, the Heritage Farmstead stretches across 4.5 acres. About 4,000 tourists and locals check out this Plano highlight each year. The cost of admission is a mere $3 per person.

Plano residents are rightfully proud of their Interurban Railway Museum. Located at 901 East 15th Street, this museum has welcomed visitors since 1908. Step inside, and you will find everything from interactive exhibits to educational sessions about Plano’s history as well as insightful information about electricity and science in general. Visitors are treated to guided tours in historic cars.


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