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Family Owned & Operated

The story and process of creating Simplemachine had many different facets that came to fruition because of many different avenues and dreams. Though Simplemachine is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company’s roots come from Ohio, Texas, South Carolina and Arkansas. Sean and Alexandra Morrison created Simplemachine by combining goals, aspirations and talents and turning them into something grand. The road to creating Simplemachine was off the beaten path, but the story behind it is the character that stands behind their brand.
President of Simplemachine

Sean Morrison | President

Sean Morrison has wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was very young. The idea of being his own boss has always appealed to him. He started as a teenager by putting together a grass-cutting business, where he and some of his friends would travel door to door in his hometown neighborhood and offer grass-cutting and lawn care services. He continued this throughout high school and as his business grew, his ideas started to multiply.

When you think of being an entrepreneur and getting a college degree, most would decide to get their degree in business and Sean was no different. Being a creative mind and having the ability to see the big picture, Sean realized soon that business was a little too direct for him and he wanted to involve himself in something that enhanced his creativity, while setting him up to create a brand that he believed in — Creating a brand with a purpose! At that point, Sean began brainstorming and really digging deep to decide what type of business he felt passionate about and what type of business he could really put his heart into. Once he decided, he shifted his career path a bit and wanted to get his degree in something that would bring him closer to his goal.

Creating the Brand

As mentioned above, Sean has always had a passion for the arts. Throughout school, he took many different art classes, learned the art of music and really took an interest in painting, drawing and design. In high school, he was known for his artistic ability and it was showcased often. 
He decided on art with a concentration in graphic design, web design and painting. Knowing how much attention to detail Sean put into his art work, this degree change was a long time coming for those who knew him since childhood. Not only did it make sense, it defined Sean’s passion, it challenged him to think outside of the box and in turn, taught him how to take a talent like art and expand it into his own business.
Once Sean graduated with a degree in art from the University of Arkansas, he began doing marketing for a real estate company he interned with through college and learned the basics of how to truly market one’s self and one’s business. A couple years later, he was the marketing director for an energy (HVAC) company. Slowly, as Sean was being bombarded by vendors, he realized that though he was asking many questions, he was not receiving the answers he wanted. At that moment, he truly felt that there was a lack of knowledge in the industry. That reality was the biggest turning point for Sean, as he started investing time to focus on creating his own business and finding the answers to questions that he was not getting.

Shortly before Simplemachine started forming, a special love was also forming. As Sean was developing the idea and specifics to create his own web design company, Sean met and fell in love with Alexandra (Ally) Kolb. Ally was finishing up cosmetology school and once finished, fully intended to move to Arkansas to be closer to Sean and start her career in hair design. As a hair dresser, Ally had a natural knack for design herself, a creative flair, you might say. Her goal was to help people achieve their dream look, be able to use her creativity and most importantly, to help people. Ally is a natural at customer service and she is one of those people that gets along with everyone she meets. Once Ally moved to Arkansas, not only did she fall in love with Sean but she also fell in love with the idea of building a brand and helping local businesses grow. Sean soon realized that the ability to create a new look for someone can translate easily into having an eye for creating the perfect logo or website design for a new company. Ally’s eye for design and commitment to customer service was the extension of the business Sean really needed. Now married, Ally is fully involved in everything Simplemachine.

Growth is the Goal

Simplemachine started operating in Bentonville, Arkansas, which is predicted to be the third fastest growing economy among large metropolitan areas in the nation through 2020. Through infrastructure, education and community investments, the area is growing rapidly and more businesses are sprouting. The cost of living in Northwest Arkansas is 8.5% below the national average and in 2014, the region crossed the 500,000 resident milestone. As more people move into the area, more ideas begin forming and with the cost of living, it is becoming easier for people to capitalize on their ideas. Due to the growing trends and businesses, the majority of the Simplemachine clientele do not even have a logo yet. They come to Simplemachine with their hopes, ideas and dreams and with that, Simplemachine is able take that information and run with it. Simplemachine develops the client’s ideas, creates custom logos, websites and most importantly helps the client’s dream come true, the way theirs did. Simplemachine wants to take ideas and make them greater and like their motto states, “It’s simple, we want your business to grow!”