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Are you looking for marketing services for your assisted living facility?

As an assisted living provider you specialize with a very specific key demographic. You may work with people and their families who have spent months, if not years, considering the need for assisted living, or it may be a situation that has come about rather suddenly. No matter what has brought on the need, it is critical for you to make potential residents and their families aware of your services. The best way to do this is to take advantage of Internet-based marketing services.

While you should still utilize traditional methods of advertising, such as print and television, Internet-based marketing services offered by Simplemachine can help you reach a wider base while offering the necessary information these individuals will need.

If you’re struggling with your assisted living facility marketing, are looking for ways to expand your outreach or just want a fresh look at how to maximize your facility’s advertising potential, here are several ways Simplemachine can help.

Benefits Of Using Simplemachine’s Marketing Services

1. Professionals Available to Help You

You may look at your current online presence and wonder what benefits are available by going through a specific Internet-based marketing service provider such as Simplemachine. By working with Simplemachine, your assisted living facility will have access to a team of experienced professionals who can focus specifically on your facility’s outreach needs.

Your facility competes with similar facilities not just in town, but in the general region. Family members are often willing to travel further when it comes to improved care for their aging relatives (or relatives with the need for assisted living services).

However, if your marketing is not up to par, other service providers may surpass you, even if the quality of care offered can’t compete with what you provide.

That is why Simplemachine will:

  • research the competition to identify what these facilities are doing with regards to their advertising and marketing strategies.
  • help customize a unique marketing approach for your assisted living facility.

This way, you can better highlight what you offer and why your facility is different from others in the community.

2. Connect with the Right Demographic

Simplemachine can help you better connect with your key demographic. As an assisted living facility you have a unique target audience. This is because you not only need to connect with those who will be staying with you but also the family of those individuals. Often times these two demographics are widely different from one another. In order to best connected with both target audiences, it is of paramount importance to fully understand what kind of material is beneficial in attracting each audience.

3. Receive Critical SEO Assistance

Search engine optimization is of critical importance for a business such as your own. You rely on word of mouth and on search engine results more than many other service providers, which is why you need a company like Simplemachine to help you boost search engine results. The higher your website climbs with regards to regional search results for assisted living facilities the more website traffic you’ll see. This website traffic will help you grow your email list while also bring more potential residents to your facility. All of this is possible with the search engine optimization marketing services provided by Simplemachine.

With the help of Simplemachine, you may discover the best course of action is to use multiple landing pages and material for each key demographic in order to better connect with both and bring the individuals into your website to offer further education.

Expert Marketing Services Provided By Simplemachine

In order to improve your search engine ranking, connect with your core demographic and to establish your assisted living facility as the best service provider, there are a number of marketing services Simplemachine offers. Each of these services will provide you with a specific advantage over the competition while also improving your ability to connect with the potential facility residents and their family members.

  • Optimized Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a crucial foundation in a continued marketing approach. It’s also one of the most cost-effective methods for remaining connected. With a specially tailored drip marketing approach, it is possible to produce several customized emails. From there, the emails will go out to your email mailing list based on previous interactions. So if someone opened a previous message and followed a provided link to your facility website they will receive a specific message. However, if they did not open the previous email or if they did not follow the provided link the drip campaign will send a different message. This way, you can better target your email list with the right correspondence.

  • Website Optimization 

People will view a website on any number of devices. They might log on while at work with their desktop computer, they might view your facility website from their tablet or they might bring it up on a smartphone. With so many varying screen sizes, operating systems, Internet browsers, and other variables, it is of critical importance for your website to respond differently based on these variants. That is why Simplemachine will help you create a responsive website. This way, the website will be properly displayed, regardless of the device someone is using.

  • PPC Ads Creation

There are a number of other marketing services your assisted living facility needs to take advantage of. Email marketing helps you remain connected with those who have already provided their email accounts. However, you still need to go out and capture these emails while connecting with others who have not yet visited your website (or given you their email address). One way to do this is through more traditional online marketing. This can be the creation of a PPC (pay per click) advertisement on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Creating a search engine advertisement will instantly give you the top listing for specific search results. While your ad will be identified as such, it does guarantee interested eyes will find your link.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing shouldn’t be overlooked either. While an aging demographic may not rely as much on advertisements placed on Facebook, the family members of those who will stay in your facility likely use such social platforms on a daily basis. Simplemachine will work with you in not only identifying the key demographics and what social platforms they are likely to use but also help craft ads to better attract visitors to your social accounts and your business website.

Reach Future Residents With The Aid of Simplemachine Services

Maximize your facility’s advertising potential and connect with prospective residents and their families by letting Simplemachine Services help you.

With the help of Simplemachine and the firm’s marketing services, you have access to experienced marketing and advertising professionals who can work with you in not only transforming your online presence, but help you connect with your target audience.

So if you’re ready to take your marketing potential to the next level, now is the time to give Simplemachine a call and discover what the company’s marketing services can do for you.

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