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History of Bryant

Bryant is a city located in the geographic center of Saline County in Arkansas. The first time the name Bryant was officially used was in 1878 when the Bryant township was created. Its earliest inhabitants were of European descent and settled along Hurricane Creek in the 19th century.

In 1864, the federal and Confederate forces engaged in a Civil War and consequently the economic boom Arkansas had previously experienced became a thing of the past. After the Civil War, Bryant depended on the railroad for its beginnings just like the rest of the towns in Arkansas.

The Reconstruction Era saw to it that the present-day Bryant greatly benefits from infrastructure. Bryant experienced another period of growth during World War II because of the mining boom at nearby Bauxite.

Where We Are Now
Bryant has tremendously grown over the years. It covers a total area of about 9.1 square miles and has a population of 20,194, according to the latest statistics. The community offers a unique quality of life with all the charms that come along with being a small town. Furthermore, Bryant, AR offers top-rated tourist attractions and is home to businesses such as service and commercial industries as well as home-based companies.

Other important things you need to know about Bryant include:

• Landmarks
Hurricane Lake is a major natural landmark in Bryant and is the location of lakefront homes.

• Major tourist attractions
Bryant is close to major tourist attractions such as the Little Rock Zoo, which has more than 200 animal species. If you are a zoo goer, you can visit the endangered species as well as feed nectar to the lorikeets. You also have the luxury of enjoying nearby Hot Springs attractions, which include the magic springs and crystal falls water.

• Companies
Bryant is home to companies such as a Lowe’s location and numerous small businesses.

• Bryant Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce has a mission of leading its members as well as the entire community through educational programs and most importantly, economic development. This is vital to you if you are doing business in the city or have plans of doing business in the future. You should not think twice about being a member because it’s for the good of your business.

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