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As a car wash business owner, perfectly cleaning cars is only HALF of what you need to grow your business steadily. You also have to put in place a comprehensive marketing plan that will help drive traffic for your business and also promote your overall brand awareness. According to Statista, car wash revenues are expected to hit 9.9 million US dollars by 2022. The following are strategies you can use to market your business to be a bigger part of that figure.

Customer Centered Service

Giving customers a solid reason to choose your car wash over your competitors is about making your services customer-centered. With the changing times, customer expectations keep changing and staying relevant as a business; you need to be in a position to fulfill them. Moreover, it would help if you analyzed the value proposition of the services you offer to ensure you are going above and beyond to give customers unique experiences.

As a businessperson, your entrepreneurial ability should match the quality and consistency of delivery for your business to thrive. With a positive customer experience and reasonably priced services, you are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates over time. Have a solid business foundation and accompany it with a clear message.

Using innovative ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace places you steps ahead of competitors and in a suitable position to win new clients. A car wash operation is all about delivering high-quality services and having an elaborate marketing plan. Having a customer-centered marketing plan ensures that you increase your market shares and expand your business.

Have a Standardized Message

Once you have a solid business foundation, you should consider having a simple yet profound tagline to go with it. Use a message that resonates with automobile car owners so that you make a connection with your customers. A message that stands out and that is backed up with excellent service delivery will compel automobile owners to choose your car wash over your competitor’s car wash business.

A creative tagline that easily sticks helps you boost brand awareness so that more people are aware of your business. The message you choose to go with will shape how customers feel about your business. Carefully choose your tagline as it is not something that can be easily changed. The tagline should appear on everything including menus, business cards, coupons, as well as, advertisements. When people associate a message to your business, it’s much easier to manage their expectations.

Leveraging Coupons

The popularity of coupon promotions is growing as people are discovering the value of receiving discounted services with coupons. Leveraging coupons in an economic downturn allows you to earn more business and spread your wings as a business person. Consider using postcard marketing services to distribute your coupons or through social media marketing.

In today’s digital era, consider using e-mail marketing services to distribute online coupons that can be printed and redeemed at your car wash. Many customers use online searches to find local businesses and having an active online presence ensures you are more accessible as a business. Leveraging online channels helps you drive traffic, as well as, increase your conversion rates. Create coupon offers and ensure customers that redeem their coupons get excellent services.

Social Media Presence

Solid online presence is highly beneficial for a customer-centered business. This is a low-cost, effective strategy that gives you the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level. Social media offers a ready audience, and all you have to do is present your business in a way that gives customers a window to connect with you. Ensure the message you put out is clear and tied to the services you offer.

Take advantage of visual media to give customers an idea of what they get when they choose your business. Pictures of squeaky-clean vehicles are a good way of showcasing the services you offer as a car wash. With affordable car wash packages and a powerful connection, you can convert an interested onlooker to repeat loyal clients. Creating excitement around your brand creates awareness that will help drive traffic for your business time and time again.


Having a business website in today’s digital world has become a necessity as most customers search for businesses online. Updating relevant content and having an elegant website interface will organically optimize your SEO. With more website visits, your business gets more traffic, and you ultimately earn more revenue.

Correct positioning of your business in a crowded marketplace ensures that you boost your overall brand recognition. Being up to date with current trends and updating your site with engaging content gets people to visit your site more often. Since most people use their portable devices to make local business searches, ensure your site is mobile-friendly by hiring a company like Simplemachine that builds “responsive websites”. Ensure you are not left behind by the mobile movement so that customers can easily find you.

Digitalize Your Business Location

Don’t forget to create a Google Map listing for your business so that people can easily find you. Being up to date with Google ensures that you increase your Google Maps ranking. When you create, organize, optimize and boost your online citations, you can favorably compete with similar businesses in the map section on Google as well. Ensure that there is consistency in the details you provide about your business on all citation websites. Ranking high on prominent searches increases your click-through rates. Remember to include your website URL on the Google Map listing so that you get more site visits. Simplemachine has local online SEO citation packages available for purchase for this particular ranking service.

Be Creative

Creative ways of marketing help you save on marketing strategies. With a tight budget, you can meet clients at their points of need. Consider using holiday decorations to draw attention to your business. You can also use charity to add new faces to your business. You can host a charity car washing event and partner with a charity organization to get people to experiences your services. Ensure you deliver high-quality services so that people are compelled to come back.


Marketing your car wash ensures you create awareness around your brand. Consider having a simple yet profound tagline that goes with your business brand. Have a solid business foundation and ensure you offer high-quality services at an affordable price. Call Simplemachine today at 877-524-6325!

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