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The carpet cleaning industry across the United States continues to expand. According to a 2018 industry report, over the next five years, industry revenue is going to rise. The expected increase is going to be at a rate of approximately 1.9% annually. There is a huge demand for carpet cleaning, and it shows no sign of slowing down. The carpet cleaning business continues to grow in both the residential and commercial sectors. With that said, as a carpet cleaning company, how can you use marketing to your advantage and make prospects choose you over your competitors? How can you elevate awareness for your company so potential customers know you’re out there and understand what sets your company apart?

Carpet cleaning companies continue to jockey for position.  There is no lack of demand on either the residential or commercial side of the business when it comes to carpet cleaning.  How can you take advantage of marketing opportunities though when your marketing budget is minimal?  Most small businesses do not have unlimited marketing resources. By using search engine optimization and the power of the internet, you can do marketing with minimal resource needs and reap significant results.

The Industry By the Numbers

A 2018 report lays out the statistics of the carpet cleaning industry.  The rate of growth over the past five years has been staggering.  Revenue in the carpet cleaning industry was at $5 billion in the year 2018.  Over the last five years, the number of carpet cleaning companies has also grown by 0.6%, with the number of employees growing as well.

There are nearly 40,000 carpet cleaning companies across the United States.  If you look at those 40,000 companies and potential competitors, how does your company stand out?  How can you be sure your marketing is going to set you apart from the competitors?  With annual growth on the rise and residential, as well as commercial carpet cleaning demand carrying the industry forward, the potential exists to expand your business and elevate profits

Most Carpet Cleaning Companies Offer the Same Services

Most of the carpet cleaning companies out there today use marketing to drive forward the same services.  Carpet cleaning is a widespread practice, which offers customers clean rugs by removing dirt and stains as well as allergens.  There are many different methods that carpet cleaning companies utilize to produce the final positive results.

Advertising carpet cleaning services are all about trying to differentiate your company from the myriad of other companies out there offering similar or the same services.  What is going to make your services stand out in the face of the competition?  When doing marketing, how can you showcase that your method, your results, as well as how long those results lasts, blows away what other companies in the same space provide?

Develop a Strategic Search Engine Optimization Plan

The first step in setting your carpet cleaning company apart from the competitors is to create a  comprehensive marketing plan.  The marketing plan should include a strategic search engine optimization plan which utilizes search engines like Google, appropriate social media sites, joining social media groups and other internet-focused scenarios that will elevate awareness for your company with your prospects.

The plan needs a focus on what your company does best.  What is the focus or vision of your company from top to bottom?  What do you intend to deliver to customers?  Do you want to be known for being able to remove difficult stains?  Are you specializing in certain types of carpeting?  Find your point of differentiation and communicate that to your target audience.

What is the part of the country that you serve as well?  Even if you provide your services on a national level, you will want to have a marketing plan that resonates with consumers in different areas of the United States as having different “pain points”.  The northeast, for example, is going to need carpet cleaning in the winter due to salt and sand coming into the home from winter snow.  The south will have a different issue, with rain and mud during the wet seasons.

Be the Authoritative Voice

From a marketing perspective, you want your company to be the authoritative voice.  You want to be a trust point for customers.  If they have a question about carpet cleaning and how to approach a specific job, give them the answers they need to boost consumer confidence.  Be active on the social media front, be there to answer questions.

The authoritative voice topic is a big one in an industry with the crowded industry of carpet cleaning.  With so many carpet cleaning companies out there today, it is those that consumers trust who will stand out in the pack.  If they feel confident you can take care of their carpet, provide them with value, they are going to call you instead of your competitors. After a job well done, they will also share their positive experience with friends, family, and colleagues which can result in additional business.

Use Content to Your Advantage

Use content to your advantage.  Your virtual advertising plan and search engine optimization strategy must encompass the use of quality content.  Use well-written, informative communications that clearly convey strong messages about your company, your brand, and your vision. But most important, showcase new and existing customers why they can trust you and why your services are superior to others in your area.

Content is a powerful tool in the new age of Google and its algorithm.  Google is reading material on sites, looking for unique content, not just keyword stuffing.  By putting out quality content, you not only get the attention of readers but search engines as well.  An increase in search engine rankings as a result of this quality content can drive forward added visibility to your company.

Carpet Cleaning Marketing for the Win

Carpet cleaning and the advertising and marketing of your company starts by using the resources available to you to their greatest potential.  Get the most out of each marketing dollar in your budget by using search engine optimization to your advantage.  With the power of the internet, Google and other social media sites, you can beat out the competitors and create top-of-mind-awareness among consumers.  Be that trusted voice, be the important contact, and get the results you seek with every marketing dollar you invest.  Simplemachine can help get you the SEO results you seek.

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