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History of Cave Springs

Cave Springs, AR settles in the hills of northwest Arkansas in Benton County and is known for its recreational opportunities. The city was incorporated in 1910 and stood on Highways 112 and 264. It can now be spotted by visitors who arrive in the area via the current Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. The town’s name is derived from two caves and a water source that flows through the caves. The north cave consists of several rooms with two amazing waterfalls.

Back in 1906, the city was sparsely populated until the construction of the Kansas City and Memphis Railroad. A new post office was created in 1908 and was followed with the formation of the Cave Springs bank in the same year. The growth saw the rise of a barbershop, blacksmith shop, and stores.

The first school was developed in the Cave Springs area and was soon replaced by the Cave Springs School District in 1879. The Evening Star School followed with both schools ended up being consolidated into the Bentonville School District back in 1948.

Where We Are Now
Cave Springs has turned out to become a crossroads for people going to the airport. It has managed to become a haven for people who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and serves as a gateway to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA).

The town provides complete access to interstate highways while maintaining the serenity of the countryside and a homey atmosphere. Its location offers easy access to the different amenities in larger cities such as Springdale, Rogers, Fayetteville, and Bentonville, which lies near Interstate 540.

Other things that you should consider knowing about Cave Springs include:

There is a wide range of activities to do for fun in the Cave Springs area. Some of the top attractions include Lake Fayetteville, Beaver Lake, and Devil’s Den State Park.

Major Attractions
Cave Springs is located in the scenic Ozark Mountain in northwest Arkansas. It’s close to numerous outdoor recreation, fishing, and hunting opportunities including the Ozark National Forest, Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, Devil’s Den State Park, Beaver Lake, and Lake Fayetteville.

Major Companies

As a growing part of the Cave Springs business district, there is a crop of companies that are emerging in the area. Some of the top businesses include The Creeks Golf & RV Resort, Innovator LLC, Cox Communications, and Credit Repair Services.

Cave Springs Chamber of Commerce
There are numerous business opportunities in the Cave Springs entrepreneurial space. The Cave Springs Chamber of Commerce acts as a representative for all the business activities and institutions in the Cave Springs area. There is a simple process for becoming a member.

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