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The fashion industry is among the most competitive industries, and to make it at the front line, you need to have great branding and marketing strategies. The clothing brand industry is very competitive hence you need a reliable, experienced marketing services company that will create an important web page and bring you more traffic. Your web presence will ensure you reach out to many customers. Therefore, you need a dedicated marketing provider who is experienced in responsive Web design, E-commerce, photography, Social media, and other related services.

1. Come up with a catchy tagline

To get attention, you should come up with a catchy tagline for your clothesline. Think of something that connects with all your prospects. Use your surroundings to come up with something that will make your brand unique. When getting a tagline, ensure that the words are catchy, interesting, easy to remember and pronounce. You don’t want your customers to take forever learning your slogan; you are interested in getting traffic to your newly established brand. A marketing service can help your tagline to trend and it’s a great way to acquire attention to your brand. A motto can be like your slogan or a clients’ message to help them associate with your brand.

Before coming up with any tagline you need to know what your clothesline represents and what it portrays, you need to have a clear picture of the clothes you are designing. Do you want to market your brand as purely women’s clothes, gents’ line or is it unisex? Your tagline should cut across what you believe in and let your clients relate, for example, you could use, “dressed for power” as your tagline. This slogan will make your clients associate with the fact that dressing can give you that great power and boost your confidence.

2. Use social media to promote your brand

Every business owner should now know the power of social media and how it has impacted and changed lives. Everything has to have a backup in social media in today’s world, all platforms of social media can be a great tool from forming trending hashtags on Twitter to using Snapchat and posting pictures on both Facebook and Instagram. Even the major known clothing brands have embraced the power of social media and they even hire social media directors to guide them on how to influence people using social media. A great way to make use of social media to market your brand is by telling your story and allowing people to see the reason behind the brand. Learn to connect with people’s emotions and allow them to have a chance to associate with your story, let them have a sense of belonging with your clothing line. Managing a social media account to generate traffic and have an income from it can be a bit tricky, and for you to succeed you need to have the patience. Additionally, if you come with a story to tell your clients, you need to have a follow-up story and make it a series. This way you will remain relevant to your clients, ensure that the stories align themselves and address the same issue, meaning don’t sway from your story.

3. Look for a promotional partner

When starting, you will discover that other brands are on the lead. This is the brands that have already established their roots and have a string of loyal customers. The fashion industry is wide and getting on the lead can take you a long time, for this reason, you need to strategize on how you will get to the top of your career. Although most of the brands will be a competition, you need to understand that you can also benefit from them. You can choose a brand that specializes in other things like an all jeans clothing line, but one that also has a few upcoming shoe projects. Strike up a partnership deal with them, this will make you have a strong brand behind you, and the loyal customers behind the brand will be tempted to try out your clothing brand. This should not stop you from marketing yourself as a single brand and stay true to yourself. Getting marketing services will help you navigate this path and help your brand stand out.

4. Look for brand ambassadors

Most of the iconic clothesline and brands have known the power of hiring brand ambassadors. You don’t have to look for an expensive brand ambassador or wait for a celebrity endorsement because you probably won’t afford them. This is where the power of social media comes in; you have to look for a potential brand ambassador. One who has a large group of followers on YouTube and has the same sense of style as your brand. If you are marketing ladies’ clothes, you don’t want a male as your brand ambassador. Nurture and grow with them as this will be an excellent opportunity for your brand to get massive recognition when they become a hit. Marketing your brands online always pays out in the end as a study shows that 97% of consumers research for all their purchases online before buying anything. This shows that online marketing can boost your sales tremendously and help your brand gain popularity.

5. Launch your company with giveaways

When you are launching your brand, it is crucial for you to get brand recognition and people to have an idea of what your fashion brand can offer. Take the first four weeks or so after the launch to let people know your brand. Make use of promotional items and gifts hampers as this will attract people to your brand. You don’t have to use your clothing brand as giveaways as this can result in losses, and you need to make sales. You can use other giveaways like promotional items with your brand name on them to make people more aware of your new clothing line. You can research how some companies made it to where they are now and have ideas of the type of giveaways to offer your clients. Some brand names when they were launched decided to give away a large number of their clothes to charity, this showed compassion and helped them get more clients. Always remember it is not all about the sales you make after the launch but how much you have connected with the people. This will make people want to be associated with your brand.


Marketing your clothing line and making sure that people are aware of your brand can be a bit tricky and expensive if you don’t use the right channels. Hiring a marketing services partner can make it easier and more affordable for you to generate traffic. If you want a marketing company that has your back, partner with Simplemachine for marketing services.

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