Construction Company Marketing & Web Design

The construction industry is a huge and thriving market with highly-competitive contenders. Being a part of the construction trade requires rigorous marketing campaigns to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Consider working with a well-known web design and social media management company to ensure your website is in tip-top condition. As a construction company, you also need to increase your online presence with appropriate marketing strategies that will ultimately boost your conversion rate and increase your sales.

According to PewResearch, 89% of Americans use the internet to shop, connect with friends, and search for information making it inherently important for construction companies to have an online presence.

Having a website in today’s digital world is a necessity for every business. For your website to drive traffic, you need to ensure that it is well presented and up to date.

Updating your website with relevant content draws in ideal customers. The following are reasons why you should hire a professional SEO company to help you design your website and optimize it for SEO:

1. A professional SEO company will help make your website mobile-friendly 

75% of people today (and growing) search for local businesses on mobile devices rather than on desktop or laptop computers. Having a mobile-friendly website ensures that prospective customers can view your site without having to use a desktop.

Many customers will hardly consider interacting with a business if it does not have an up-to-date website. Hiring professionals will help ensure you build an impressive website to reach prospective customers online. Your loading time should be minimal so that customers who click on your link get the chance to browse what you have on your website, blog or online gallery portfolio.

A website that is professionally coded will deliver optimum functionality and performance. The more visitors who come to your website, the higher your conversion rates, which in turn will promote your revenue returns.

SEO and content marketing specialists will optimize the content you have on your website by including metadata, and meta tags so that search engines can favor your site when relevant keywords are keyed in by prospective customers.

Also, consider including click-to-call and chat features so that you get avenues to engage with your customers. Posting testimonials on your website will give customers a reason to choose yours over your competitors. A website that is easy to navigate ensures that prospects spend more time browsing your content.

2. SEO for a construction company

Optimizing your website for SEO ensures that the leads you get are from prospective customers. When your website ranks high on SERP, people are more likely to click on it as compared to if it’s on the second or third pages of research results.

Work with an SEO company to ensure your website is a top ranking website when related keywords are keyed in. Optimizing your website for SEO defines your local services and identifies your specialties to your customers. It also helps you get to a larger audience and drive leads for specific services. With a targeted keyword strategy, you can improve the quality of your leads.

How Construction Companies do Better With Marketing Strategies: 

As a construction business, the first thing you need to acknowledge is that most prospective customers are online. To target online customers, you need to have a bulletproof online marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategies enable you to connect with ideal customers and increase your conversion rate.

Getting your company a competitive edge SEO provider ensures that you set your company as a leader in the construction industry. The following are marketing strategies that guarantee to set you apart from other construction companies:

1. Membership Board 

Listing your company to well-reputed review sites is free marketing for your business. Ensure you encourage your clients to review your business because more reviews put your company at the top of search results.

Sign up your business and give prospects access to your company. Membership based sites ensure that customers that use the site get a chance to read reviews about your business. Ensure you immediately handle negative reviews so that they don’t affect your hard earned reputation.

Protecting your brand from picking up a bad name means being polite and courteous with anyone who has a negative review. Be sure to apologize if the error is from your site and ensure you work on your service delivery.

2. Update Relevant Content for Your Audience 

As an established construction company, you need to update relevant content on your blog to draw in ideal customers. Consider using video as it is a more interactive form of visual media.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C businesses and 89% of B2B business are using content to drive sales and increase leads. The more traffic you have driven to your website guarantees an increased conversion rate.

Many people usually search a local business before they interact with them and the content you post will help prospects determine if you are worth your salt or not. When you know what your audience wants, you can create the right content and meet them at their point of need.

How To Increase Online Presence For Your Construction Business 

1. Use of Social Media

The surest way to increase your online presence is to be active on all relevant social media platforms. Social media is a cost-effective strategy for online marketing because there is a ready audience. All you have to do is define your niche and update your pages with the right content so that you draw in ideal customers.

Social media enables you to get direct visitors to your business website. Ensure you include your website’s URL on all the pages you create on the many different social media platforms out there.

Regularly use social media so that you get the opportunity to interact with your customers. Connecting with existing and prospective customers on a personal level ensures that you establish a form of rapport that will ultimately benefit your business and relationships, thus earning more customers and retaining your current customers.

Spend time leveraging social media as a cost-effective marketing tool to ensure you drive traffic to your company. A solid online presence helps you promote your brand as well as the products and services you offer.

2. Use of Video 

Consider using video as an interactive form of visual media for advertising on social media. Make the videos short, direct and professional so that viewers can watch to the end.

You can make videos about projects by posting before and after videos. Showcasing your expertise and teaching the audience about the construction industry is guaranteed to drive traffic.

Engaging existing and prospective customers ensures that you build a relationship of trust you can use to grow your business.


Leverage social media as an online marketing tool for your construction company and list your business on popular review websites for positive results. We can help generate more reviews for your business, as well as build online citations to help your construction business rank better in the maps section of Google. Exploring new marketing channels ensures you remain relevant as a business in a crowded construction marketplace.

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