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History of Conway

Conway is known as the community of educational institutions. The city is the home of the University of Central Arkansas, Central Baptist which was founded in 1952, Arkansas children’s colony and Hendrix College which moved from Altus in 1890.

The city was founded by A.P Robinson who came to the town after the civil war. He served as the chief engineer in Little Rock during the railroad construction. After the railroad contract ended, he needed a tract of land to settle. He constructed a small town near the depot and named it Conway station after a famous Arkansas family.

During the Second World War, the economy of the area changed and became based on manufacturing. This was fueled by the establishment of an industrial park in 1962.
Nowadays, the city is well-known for the manufacturing of motor vehicles, furniture, and automotive equipment is a significant component of the economy.

Where We Are Now

Conway grew and expanded from the small railroad station to a big industrial city. With the establishment of many educational institutions, the city found itself growing and expanding rapidly. The first school to be established in the area was Hendrix College in 1890. The University of Central Arkansas was built as the normal school in the region.

By 1959 Conway city had grown, and it covered 6.9 square miles. During the next thirty years, the town had grown, and it covers 15.4 square miles. In 1990 the city experience a faster growth rate that led to it increased with an additional 12.2 miles per square. The city currently stands at 40 square miles.

a. Landmarks
Landmarks are used to show the location of a place. There are some unique architectural or natural features that make a place unique. This distinguishes that place from the rest of the world. Since Conway city is an old town, it has some historical buildings that are used to mark a location. These buildings ooze history and magnificent architecture. Some historic building and landmarks include the old mill, Toltec mound archaeological state park, Arkansas governor’s mansion, and Indian rock house cave.
b. Major Attractions
The major attractions in the city give a sense of culture and have a lot of history. They portray the beauty of the town and show all of it’s glory. Some major attraction sites in the city are the colleges and schools. The city is known for its educational institutions. Everybody who comes to the city wants to explore some schools in the area and take a walk at them. Like the University of Central Arkansas, the central Baptist College or the Hendrix College can all be intriguing places for a walk.
c. Major Companies
Although the city started as an agricultural area, it soon changed to an industrialized town. After the Second World War, Conway city started manufacturing automotive
equipment, motor vehicles, and furniture. Industrialization led to the manufacturing of new items every single day. Today Conway city is the home to some major companies. The city is home to American transportation, which manufactures car spare parts. Also, the city is home to Frigidaire, Acxiom, Kimberly Clark, and Virco manufacturing. These industries have provided a source of employment, which has led to the improvement of people’s living standards. Also, they have boosted the economy of the place.
d. Conway Chamber Of Commerce
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