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Many shopping trips or a visit to a service professional begin with an online search for a local business. Therefore, an online presence cannot be underestimated; it boosts sales as well as your conversion rate when talking about generating more business online. A solid marketing plan should include strategies that help to increase your online presence. Today’s digital era has many people’s shopping behavior shaped by the impression they get from business websites. As a cosmetic dentistry practice in today’s world, marketing is very important because the industry and the internet, in general, has become crowded and as a result; extremely competitive.

What to Include in Your Marketing Strategy as a Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

A bulletproof marketing plan should include all of the important aspects that ensure a campaign’s anticipated outcomes are in line with the efficiency of execution. Careful thought should be put into planning a marketing campaign from inception through to its completion. As dental practitioners, it is advisable to hire professionals who understand how marketing in cosmetic dentistry works so that you can focus on more pressing matters. The following are aspects that are essential to consider when setting up a marketing campaign for your dental practice.

1. Goal Definition 

First off, you need to set goals as a cosmetic dentistry practice to control how the campaign is planned and rolled out. An initial marketing strategy with your chosen agency is key! Having defined goals enables you to have clarity and to be in total control of the results. Whether the end-game for the campaign is a patient acquisition or selling specific services, having this in mind during planning ensures you are successfully executing your marketing plan.  For every campaign, you should have a specific end goal to ensure you receive measurable returns. Individual promotional campaigns are easily aligned with the overall goal as it narrows down on a specific item. Demographics vary based on the product or in question and having separate marketing plans ensures you target the right audience.

2. Unique Value Proposition  

Once you map out your goals for the marketing campaigns you’d like to have in place, it is advisable to identify the unique value that your practice offers to patients. Every business is unique when it comes to core values and service delivery. Ensure your campaigns highlight your strengths as a business so that people have a solid reason to choose your practice over your competitor’s practice. The goals you set for your campaigns should be aligned with your unique value as a business. Capitalize on what sets you apart from your competitors, whether it is your resourceful staff, reasonable pricing and flexible payment options, trained and certified practitioners with experience in their fields, or the fact that your office is a patient-friendly practice and experience. The unique value proposition should be the focal point of your promotion plans as it identifies your practice as unique.

3. Demographics and Target Markets

Identifying the key demographic that is most interested in the products and services you offer as a practice helps you identify your target market. Executing campaigns targeting the right target market guarantees tremendous positive results. You also save money when your campaign narrows down on specific demographics rather than having a campaign that does not target any specific group. Knowing the groups of patients interested in dentures and dental implants enables you to have a successful online promotion plan.

4. Budget 

All promotion plans come down to your financial situation. Ensure that your practice can support the campaigns you execute. Otherwise, you could cripple your business with promotions and campaigns that go beyond your budget. When it comes to financial management, consider hiring a professional who understands how to balance your finances in order to keep your business running even with ongoing campaigns.

How to Boost Online Presence 

1. Providing Business Information

A solid online presence boosts sales, but this is only possible if you provide prospective patients with your business’ information. Key information includes your business name, address, operating hours, location and directions, as well as, contact information. When people have a way of contacting you, your conversion rates are boosted.

2. Optimize Site for Mobile Use 

Be aware and be sure to be a part of the mobile movement by optimizing your site for mobile use. We find that 75% of prospective clients search for a trustworthy business using a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer. Ensure you seek a professional’s help with the designing of your website’s user interface as that will also ensure that your visitors receive a good first impression.

3. Local Search Listing

Creating a Google Map listing for your business makes it easy for prospective customers to find you. Ensure the information you include on different local search directories is consistent to avoid confusing search engines. Also, include your website’s URL so that people can easily visit your website and get an overview of what your practice is about.

Marketing Strategies that Guarantee Results

1. Email Marketing 

The power of email marketing cannot be underestimated, especially with the advancement in technology and availability of autoresponder services. Proper execution with emails ensures you increase sales and conversion rates. Choose the right email service provider and leverage your email subscription list for the benefit of your practice. Autoresponder services give you the ability to track data, so you know how to formulate broadcast emails. Simplemachine works with both Constant Contact and MailChimp for email marketing services, so we would be happy to help implement, track and manage your campaign today.

2. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is cost-effective because of the ready and available audience. When prospective customers can find you on social media platforms, it is much easier for them to contact you. With that being said, be sure you are consistently updating your pages with engaging content, so you connect with your audience on a personal level. Leverage social media platforms to boost your brand awareness so that people are aware of the products and services you offer. Ensure you use visual promotion to give prospective customers a personalized illustration of what you offer.

Industry Stats 

According to AACD 2017’s State of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry Survey, marketing, and online presence has a huge impact on the success of a Cosmetic Dentistry practice. Even though the growth of this industry has been fueled by the importance put on dental esthetics in today’s age, making people aware of the services you offer has the potential of significantly increasing your sales. Promotion and online presence increase the success of a cosmetic dentistry practice by 40%. Marketing and online presence increases your success rate as a small business and open ups opportunities that can see you grow into a well-respected and reputable practice.


As a cosmetic dentistry practice, you require an active online presence to ensure prospective customers have an easy time finding you. Consider making a Google Map listing for your practice with accurate that is consistent on all local search directories. Carefully thinking through your marketing strategies ensures that desired outcomes are in line with the effectiveness in execution. All in all, working with a team of professional like Simplemachine can help get your cosmetic dentistry either off the ground and running with new clients, or we can help you grow your existing practice exponentially.

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