Counseling Center Marketing & Web Design

When reaching out to those in need of counseling your marketing approach needs to be delicate. While the exact outreach method will vary based on the kind of counseling your facility provides, people who are turning to your counseling center do not want to be bombarded with advertisements. However, you still need to make your facility’s online presence known to the local community. There are a number of ways you can go about doing this, and Simplemachine’s marketing services can help you with this.

Regional Search Engine Optimization

Chances are your counseling facility works primarily within a given region. Whether it focuses in on the local city or you have a wider reach, there is a given area where you’ll want to target those in need of counseling. There’s no need in attempting to advertise services to search engine users on the other side of the country. This doesn’t do you much good and results in a waste of money.

With the help of Simplemachine your counseling center can utilize a regionally based search engine optimization method. This helps you target a given area, so your search engine results improve within the given community. It is also possible to market your business through social media advertisements using a given region. By doing this, you’ll make sure residents of only your target area will see advertisements created for social media or search engines if their computer is located within the designated target area.

Social Media Marketing Services

Speaking of social media, you need to have a social media presence. It is no longer possible to get away with only having a website. Many potential clients will search for center information through social media websites like Facebook. They may even attempt to contact you through social media. They may also not be ready to talk directly over the phone. With a strong social media presence, you’ll make it easier to connect with potential clients.

The marketing services offered by Simplemachine will help create your social media presence. Depending on the kind of counseling you provide you may want other accounts, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, although Facebook and Twitter are likely the most important for your particular line of work.

Educate Future Clients

It is important not to confuse marketing with advertising. While there are many people who confuse the two with one another, marketing and advertising is not the same. Advertising is a branch of marketing. It is when you pay to showcase your business. Whether you’re paying for a television spot or a newspaper advertisement, you’re paying to spread the word of your counseling center.

Marketing is more than paying to spread the word about your business. Marketing includes everything from creating a custom logo for your business and building a website to generating non-paying content that you’ll put up to share with those who are interested in viewing it. One of the best forms of marketing that can showcase your knowledge on counseling and demonstrate your compassion for clients is through blogging and video posting.

A blog is one form of marketing in that is an excellent way to educate your future clients. With a blog, you can provide readers with tips and suggestions on how to make it through certain difficult situations. Whether you provide coping methods for those who are going through a death in the family or you’re providing some suggestions for married couples looking to work through a difficult time, creating a blog is a great way to connect with clients before they are clients.

Producing videos for YouTube is another excellent way to educate future clients. You can provide interviews where one of your counselors provides the same advice as your blog posts. Sometimes having a person speak the suggestions will make it that much more impactful. It also helps introduce potential clients with your staff. This way, should they decide to make an appointment, they will already feel like they know the counselor, which can help improve their comfort level.

Identifying The Best Outreach Destinations

One of the main benefits of the marketing services offered by Simplemachine is the ability to identify the best outreach destinations. The right outreach destination will vary depending on who your key demographic is. If you focus on younger children and their families, you will want to market your counseling center to where they are online. If you offer couple’s counseling or similar services, you’ll want your marketing material to appear in a different destination. You don’t want just to toss your marketing material against a digital wall to see what sticks and what doesn’t deliver results. The Simplemachine marketing services will help you specifically with this.

By knowing the best locations to advertise your counseling center you’ll save money on the advertising practice, all while delivering better results and bringing in an improved return on investment.

Marketing Services Consultation

The best way to determine what your counseling center needs and how to reach out to those in need is to sit down with the team at Simplemachine and to discuss what your needs are and what the overall goals are of your center. You may want to drive up the number of new clients you’re bringing in, or you may want to increase your social following. Whatever your ultimate goal is (even if it changes over time), Simplemachine can help you with this. The marketing services offered by Simplemachine are second to none, and after the free consultation, you’ll have a much better idea as to how your counseling enter should go about marketing itself.

Simplemachine provides a number of specified marketing services for businesses just like yours. The company can work with you in building up a brand new website while also focusing on your social media presence. The team can give you a social media audit and identify what current forms of advertising is working and what is falling flat. The team can also help improve the search engine optimization of your website, which in turn will boost your overall local traffic following an Internet search.

There really is no limit to the amount of help Simplemachine can bring to you and your counseling center. You don’t want to be the counseling service provider that fails to reach out to the community and take advantage of what marketing can do for your facility. A single phone call to Simplemachine may change your future potential.

No matter the kind of counseling services your center provides, Simplemachine is here to work with you and to assist in educating the local community in the kind of counseling you offer and how you can help. From grief counseling to family counseling and everything else in between, Simplemachine will work with you in identifying the very best outreach method while using a delicate marketing approach. So, if you’re ready to take your counseling center’s marketing to the next level and to inform the local community of the services you provide, now is the time to reach out and give Simplemachine a call.

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