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As an e-commerce company, most or all of your business is done online. You connect with online customers and sell products to individuals across the country (if not around the globe). Because your business is directed toward Internet users you need a marketing approach that is designed specifically for these purposes. You need a marketing company that understands how to attract customers in the busy field of e-commerce. That is where Simplemachine comes in. So no matter what industry you work in or what your key demographic is, Simplemachine is here to assist you in creating a customized marketing plan for your business.

Identify Your Target Audience

You may believe you already know your target audience. And you may very well have a good understanding of whom to go after. However, Simplemachine will dive further into your company’s analytical data to pinpoint exactly who is coming into your store, who are buying products, and who is interested but has yet to pull the trigger on a purchase. With this information at your disposal, it becomes easier to fine tune your marketing on the very specific key demographic.

By understanding exactly who your target audience is you’ll be able to direct your advertising dollars more specifically. This way, you can either spend less money on marketing as you will no longer waste financial resources on individuals who are not likely to buy items from you, or you’ll be able to pump more money into who is buying from your company. Whatever you decide to do your marketing approach will become more efficient with the help of Simplemachine.

Establishing Your Online Presence

Because your business is Internet only, it is critical to establish a strong Internet presence. Gone are the days when you can exclusively rely on your website. Wherever your customers are located you need to be found as well. This means you’ll need a number of social media accounts both open and active. Facebook is one location where you’ll need to maintain a strong Internet presence. However, beyond this Simplemachine can help you find where your target audience congregates online. Depending on the age range and what products yous ell it may include Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Maintaining accounts on demographic specific social media platforms serves as free advertising.

More Links Can Equal Greater Success

The more links sending traffic back to your website and the e-commerce store the better. This is beyond having links on your social platforms in order to direct traffic back to your website. This also means links on blog posts. Running a healthy blog provides individuals with a reason for heading out to your website. You may provide visitors with educational how-to content on your blog. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic. The customer also becomes more likely to go to a storefront when they trust the service provider. So if you sell electronics and provide how-to information on how to set up home audio systems, or dive into how to care for a garden when you sell gardening tools, you’ll not only connect with customers but you’ll give them a reason to shop with you over the competition.

Search Engine Optimization is Critical For Your Success

When you run an Internet exclusive business, your search engine optimization is more critical than ever before. This is because localized SEO companies can focus specifically on a given region and can see their localized SEO boosted simply for having a physical storefront address listed on the site. However, because you do not have a physical storefront and are not competing at a local level, you need to boost your overall SEO to higher levels. If you don’t, other e-commerce businesses located in other areas around the country (or around the world) will compete with your business.

Simplemachine is here to help you with boosting your SEO. There are some basics to boosting your SEO, including improving load time speeds, using proper keywords without stuffing the keywords, while also reducing unnecessary coding that is found behind the scenes of your website. In fact, Simplemachine will help perform a total audit of your website to find what can go into improving the site performance. Not only will these site upgrades help improve your search engine ranking, but with the boost of speed and better performing website you’ll convert more customers. This way, the changes made to your website will drive up sales in two different ways.

Monitoring Your Marketing Performance

Data is your friend. The more information you have at your disposal the easier it is at spotting what isn’t working and fixing it. The last thing you want to do is to implement specific marketing material and then not do anything about it. Many times initial marketing releases and methods do not work as efficiently as possible. It is like any kind of product or service. The first draft might work alright, but after some tinkering and adjusting, it is far superior and provides a better final product. In order to make your marketing run smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary to monitor its performance.

Simplemachine can help monitor every element of your overall marketing approach. With the gathered data Simplemachine will identify what needs to change and what needs to be tweaked. You should never rest on marketing. It is always changing and evolving. If it isn’t it means your competition is gaining on you (or you’re falling further behind the competition).

You Have the Product, Now Use the Marketing

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if nobody knows about it won’t matter. An author can write the greatest book in the world, but if nobody reads it no one will know how amazing it is. This is where marketing comes in. Simplemachine will take the right marketing approach for your company and make sure your target audience is educated on your product, what it can do, and how it can make their lives better. This way, they’ll discover just how incredible your products and services can be.

Now is the Time to Act

Running an e-commerce online storefront is a great way to reduce overhead and the cost of operating a brick and mortar facility. However, there are also specific challenges you’ll face. You don’t have a physical location that provides some advertising with the storefront sign alone. There is no foot traffic and you will not be able to ride off the success of local businesses to bring in additional customers to your own business. As there are likely dozens, if not hundreds of other businesses online providing similar services as yours you need to focus on your marketing approach. The stronger your marketing is the easier it becomes at connecting with potential customers. That is why you need to partner with Simplemachine. Word of mouth is not a viable option for your business. You need a strong Internet presence and the ability to connect with customers, no matter your products or offered services. Simplemachine thrives at working with e-commerce companies like yours. So if you’re ready to upgrade your marketing approach and take your advertising to the next level now is the time to give Simplemachine a call.

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