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Franchise Marketing – Having a marketing campaign for your franchise ensures you can grow it and boost your bottom line. Franchises have unique challenges, and you need a dedicated marketing team to overcome them. Implementing the right promotion strategies opens you up to new opportunities. As a national franchise, you might be deluded to think you don’t have to put in much effort in marketing. But since there is more than one business in different locations, you have to come up with regional franchise marketing. Consistent branding enables you to dominate all the local markets where you have a shop or a store. Working with a trusted marketing partner who understands how franchises operate ensures you can overcome all challenges and grow.

Why You Need a Professional Marketing Agency by Your Side

You must be thinking that since you managed to run a franchise for as long as you have, you probably don’t need the services of a marketing agency. In reality, you do need a franchise marketing partner if you are to tap into the potential your business has. With a flexible promotion strategy, you can ensure your business grows to greater heights.

Since a franchise involves managing more than one business at different locations, having a professional promotion team at your disposal makes managing your business easier. Having a respected marketing company catering to your business’ specific needs helps in driving sales. With a professional marketing company, you get to market your business while staying within franchise trademarks and rules. For internet promotion, you need to leverage tools in order to attract more customers.

How a Franchise Marketing Agency Helps With Driving Sales

1. Developing a Comprehensive Promotion Plan

As a franchise owner, you need to stand out if you are to make it in the competitive marketplace. With more than one store at different locations, you need to put in more effort than an entrepreneur who has just one business to think about. Building your business involves putting in place strategies that make your business more accessible. A trusted promotion company ensures you have bulletproof promotion plans in place. Local brand awareness is only possible if you get the attention of your audience. Promotion plans allow you to expand your audience and penetrate new markets. Local visibility is the first step towards ensuring your individual stores or shops thrive.

Avoiding passivity as a franchise owner involves treating each store as an individual business with unique needs. When every store that makes your franchise stays relevant in its respective location, you are guaranteed to boost your bottom line. Differentiating your business in a competitive marketplace is the key to getting more customers. You should implement strategies that distinguish your business as a leader in the industry. A comprehensive promotion plan allows you to emphasize your strong features as a business and give customers a reason to choose you.

2. Expand Your Reach as a Business

There are many strategies available to ensure you expand your reach as a franchise. A professional promotion company will evaluate the industry and determine the best strategies to ensure you get more customers. A franchise promotion agency understands how the industry works and what needs to be done to keep you ahead of your competition. Professionals will develop smart programs to ensure your internet promotion plan is bulletproof.

One way of expanding your reach is building a highly responsive website. In today’s digital world, every business requires an elaborate website so that people have an easy time connecting with you. Optimizing a website for mobile use allows smartphone users to access your website with the same quality as in the case of a web-based application. Working with professional web designers and graphic designers ensure your website has an easy to navigate user interface. A highly optimized website for mobile use assures you high traffic since 51% of consumers spend time on mobile devices. A professional promotion company will conduct an online mapping to ensure you can convert the organic traffic your website generates to sales. Having a high bonus rate also attracts more customers and visitors to the website.

Digital Franchise Promotion Strategies that Work

1. Email Promotion

Email is a highly effective method of reaching qualified prospects. This is a data-driven promotion strategy that allows you to nurture your prospects based on their interest and convert them into loyal customers. You can incorporate direct mail for local-based promotion in specific geographic shops or stores.

2. Promotions

As a franchise, you need to carefully plan your promotions to ensure you get a reasonable profit from it. Even though the main focus of a promotion is to get the word out and let people know what you offer, running a promotion that results in losses does not help your case. Consider posting about the promotion on your social media pages so that your digital audience knows about it. Discounts and redeemable coupons allow you to achieve 24-hour sales.

3. Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be underestimated when it comes to digital promotion. There are many ways in which you can leverage social media platforms to ensure you grow your business.

  • Micro Influencers: Consider beginning with influencer promotion which not only increases your credibility but also opens you up to new markets. Social media’s micro influencers have a large following, and their opinion on different products and services is usually trusted. When people can see your products in use in real-life situations, they can also see themselves purchasing them.
  • User-generated Content: Another social media promotion tool to leverage is user-generated content. Just like influencer promotion, this is free promotion for your franchise. The users who share experiences they have had with your products make it easy for prospects to transact with you.
  • Live Video: Live streaming has become a popular trend on social media platforms and jumping on this bandwagon ensures you connect with your audience. Live streaming videos give you the opportunity to answer real-time questions that customers and prospects might have. In case of any complaints, always remember that courtesy and politeness go a long way in protecting your hard earned reputation. You can record behind the scene videos that show your audience how you make your product so that you build a relationship of trust and transparency with your customers.

4. Omnichannel Marketing

Customers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and it is becoming harder to track their data. Omnichannel offers a solution to this challenge by ensuring you can keep track of your customers’ data no matter the means they use to make transactions with your business. Having customer information allows you to ensure all your customers have a personalized experience. You can determine what interests them and use that information to send personalized emails. With omnichannel promotion, your business won’t pass up an opportunity to make sales.


As a franchise owner, you have a bigger responsibility than an entrepreneur with one business to worry about. Working with a professional franchise promotion company allows you to leverage all the tools to ensure you grow your business. Digital promotion strategies help you establish your franchise as the leader when you implement them correctly.

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