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Home builders can broaden their markets by working with a digital marketing agency. Not only does this strategy build brand awareness and relationships, but it also has the power to increase sales with e-commerce marketing and gain valuable exposure through digital platforms.

Branding and Internet Marketing

Developing a brand is easier this century, thanks to the internet and all the other digital technology that goes with it. No longer do you have to rely on expensive billboards, TV and print ads to make your brand familiar to a target audience.

A primary key to internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). It begins with a niche business that becomes an online authority on its offerings. One of the biggest mistakes that startups make is developing an expensive website with minimal content. Google and other search engines actually care more about useful, informative content than how fancy a website looks. Granted, visual appeal is important to attract eyeballs, but you need much more than that to enjoy online success.

Google search rankings are based on over 200 factors, most of which are related to content depth based on keywords and the site’s level of expertise. The more high-quality content you produce, the more likely it is that your site will be able to reach your intended audience. A digital marketing agency can help you attain this goal. Another aspect of online marketing is pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which actually generate a faster way to reach your target market through popular platforms such as Google AdWords.

Content Marketing

SEO is part of content marketing since it’s based on connecting with the right audience through appropriate content. Google will consider your site to be more relevant than a 5-page site full of ads, slow-loading images, and fluff if you provide a higher volume of pages full of rich content that empowers the user. Even though your goal is sales, content marketing differs from traditional approaches because it emphasizes information over persuasion.

At the same time, you don’t want to ignore the fact that you are trying to make money, so you need a sales funnel. Connected to this funnel are informative web pages that take users on a tour that expands their product knowledge while linking to landing pages with calls to action, such as placing orders or contacting the company to interact with a representative.

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing, meaning your content brings customers to you instead of you going out and finding customers through advertising. Nearly 75% of home builders use the inbound method as their main approach to connect with prospects. But there are many technological challenges involved, so it’s best to work with a knowledgeable digital marketing agency.

Mobile-friendly Web Design

In recent years, thanks to the smartphone revolution, Google has increased its emphasis on mobile websites. Therefore, your site needs to be cross-platform for both mobile and desktop users. An experienced digital marketing agency will provide this solution for you through what is known as responsive web design. It allows text and images to look the same and be easy to understand on any device with screens of any size.

Home builders can particularly benefit from targeting mobile users who use their smartphones to connect with local businesses. If you want to stand out as a familiar firm in your community, you cannot ignore the mobile crowd. One of the ways mobile users find many local businesses is through popular local directories such as Google My Business, which provide basic company information.

Email Marketing

Every seasoned digital marketing agency understands the importance of email marketing, even in the age of social media. Some digital marketers, however, are more savvy than others. It’s important to develop a comprehensive email marketing list of your prospects so you can routinely send them your latest offers, newsletters, and other communications. But you need each recipient’s permission to comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations. Working with digital marketing agency experts can relieve you from this substantial effort so you can concentrate on your core business.

Direct Mail Marketing

Even though traditional media is steadily being eclipsed by digital media, direct mail marketing is still very effective at giving your brand exposure. By targeting residents within zip codes through snail mail, you can reach your geographic target easier than through other traditional methods. Just like with all other media channels, it’s a numbers game in which you’re bound to find new customers. Home builders rely more on value than volume, so you don’t need as many conversions as typical retailers do.

Retail Marketing

A digital marketing agency that extends into retail marketing can be very powerful for any industry when it comes to increasing visibility and sales. One of the core strategies that go along with the digital and retail blend is known as “clear branding,” which emphasizes a company’s unique identity. Defining your niche and why your firm is different from competitors is key to this equation. If you are planning to launch a new brand, make sure the name is memorable and meaningful.

E-commerce Marketing

Here are some of the most important strategies for using e-commerce marketing channels that bridge the gap between enterprises and targeting customers:

  • PPC campaigns for different market sectors
  • SEO techniques that promote product knowledge
  • banner ads on popular websites
  • automated email marketing campaigns
  • e-commerce tools for reducing cart abandonment
  • creating the best possible mobile experience
  • optimizing a simple checkout process
  • selling products and services across multiple channels
  • creating a blog that showcases your expertise

Social Media Marketing

Another tedious job that your digital marketing agency can handle for you while you focus on building homes is interacting with your prospects through social media. Maintaining a social media presence and updating your content on a daily basis with text and images is crucial to keeping your followers interested in your brand.

People scroll quickly through Facebook and other social platforms, so it’s easy for them to overlook posts that don’t stand out. It can be very challenging and time-consuming for a home building company to craft content on a daily basis, so you can benefit more by leaving social media content creation to digital marketing agency experts who know how to hold attention.

Interacting with followers and answering their questions quickly is as important these days as a responsive customer service team. In fact, social media has become a modern form of customer service for businesses.

Traditional Marketing

Even though the world is becoming increasingly more digital, keep in mind that traditional marketing is still effective, especially when it’s combined with various forms of digital communications. In many ways, traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines are responding to the digital revolution by merging with it. Traditional media is still an excellent resource for reaching a broader audience, so combining these worlds will greatly help market your home building business. Don’t forget that word-of-mouth is still a path to success as well.


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