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As a law firm, you excel at what you do. No matter the kind of law or the clients you take, your focus is completely on your clients. However, while your firm specializes in your area of law, you may not specialize in marketing. Yet, without proper marketing, you may not connect with the right demographic and clients, which can make it difficult to offer your services. This is where Simplemachine comes in. While you focus on offering your clients the very best legal services, the team at Simplemachine will help you in developing the right marketing plan designed to connect with the right audience. This way, you’ll maximize your marketing budget while expanding your localized footprint.

Establishing Yourself As A Leader In The Field

It is important to prove your firm as a leader in the particular legal field. As there are likely other firms in the area that offer similar services as you, it is important for your firm to stand out and showcase what makes you different (and better). There are many ways you can do this.

First, you want to keep up a blog. With a blog, you can offer generalized legal advice for situations your clients may find themselves involved in. If you are an auto accident attorney you can offer helpful guidance on what someone should do if they have an auto accident. If you practice family law you can tell readers what they need to do to document abuse of a family member or child. It all comes down to the kind of law you practice, but you can keep up a blog that will offer helpful information to those interested. Once someone begins to read your blog and follow the information you offer they will become more inclined to hire your firm on for future legal needs. With the blog, you will prove yourself as a leader in the field and the future client will form a level of trust with your firm, all before ever consulting you.

Beyond running a written blog you can also offer video-based insights on YouTube. This provides you with a number of benefits. First, there will be people who will find it easier to follow what you have to say if it is in video form over a longer written blog. Second, maintaining a YouTube channel will help potential clients find you on YouTube, which not only is one of the most popular social platforms on the Internet but it is also the second most used search engine as well. This way, you bring in traffic to your website in several different ways.

Localized SEO

You are a local law firm. You give legal services to people in a given area. This means you want to attract potential clients around where your firm operates. One of the best ways future clients will find you is through the aid of a search engine. Due to this, you want your legal website to do well on localized searches. This means you don’t focus necessarily on generalized SEO, but instead on what people in your given area are searching for. After all, if you are a Dallas based law firm there’s no need to worry about what someone in San Francisco is looking for. Sure, it someone in San Francisco follows your blog or YouTube channel that’s great, but they are not going to become a client. Instead, you want people who do a local search in your general area to find you above the competition.

Simplemachine can help boost your local SEO and push your website to the top of the search engine rankings performed in your local area. Chances are, only a handful of changes and improvements are necessary for your website to fully take advantage of localized SEO. This begins with placing your firm’s address on every page and includes claiming your firm on Google. From there Simplemachine will do a complete website audit to see how it is performing and find what needs to change to boost the local SEO. More likely than not your website will keep up the same look, it will just need a few tweaks.

What Sets Your Firm Apart?

Chances are, there are other firms in the area that will practice the same kind of law as you. This means you’ll need to show what sets your firm apart from the competition. There are many ways you can do this. By maintaining the blogs and YouTube channels you’ll already show why your firm excels in law, but now you need to show what sets you apart from the rest.

One of the best ways to do this is to highlight what former (and current) clients have said about you. You want to use written or video testimonials. Above everything else, a client sets out to hire you because they want to win their case. Ultimately that is all that matters. So you need to convince them that you are the best attorney for the job. Having former clients inform potential future clients about how you helped win their case will be one desirable way to not only set your firm apart but highlight why hiring on your firm is desirable.

Boost Branding

You need your firm’s name to stand out. It needs to be something that potential clients remember and can tell others about. The best way to do this is to highlight your firm’s name and to make sure it is appropriately branded on all of your marketing material. Whether this is on your website, a blog post, a logo placed in a YouTube video, or on literature, you need to have the same branding on everything.

Branding is not just the same name. You need to have the same logo, the same color scheme and the same font used everywhere. This way, when someone sees the color scheme and the name they instantly know it is your firm and they’ll be able to separate you and your firm from others in the area. Simplemachine can work with you in creating the right kind of branding for your firm. Whatever kind of help you need firm the branding boost Simplemachine will help.

Monitor Marketing Performance

It is important to stay on top of where clients are coming from, what is directing them to your website and which of these people are converting into clients. Simplemachine can help check the performance of these different marketing methods and fine-tune the entire process so it’s working like a well-oiled machine.

With the aid of Simplemachine, you’ll bring in more clients while boosting your social and Internet-based footprints. No matter the kind of law you practice or the kind of clients you’re looking to connect with, Simplemachine has the level of expertise needed to put you in front of these people. So if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, have questions about how Simplemachine will work with your law firm, or want to learn more about the offered services, now is the perfect time to give Simplemachine a call.

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