Marketing Resources

Being successful in marketing your company means constantly improvising with the new trends, understanding how your target market is evolving and learning from your past efforts. We have compiled a few resources, links and case studies to help you navigate your marketing platforms.

Growing Your Business

Handling a growing company can come with it’s challenges. Staying ahead of the curve and working with upcoming trends can become overwhelming very quickly. If you’re looking to jump past the trials and tribulations of running a creative practice or have a business problem that you need solution for, then a consultation from a Simplemachine professional can help you learn how to breeze past the kinks in the chain of your business. Call today to schedule a meeting with the team and get your business growing!

Case Studies

We have collected and designed case studies from a few of our most successful cases. When we create any marking collateral for you or your brand, we hope to see your brand take off! We are excited to release a new round of case studies each year and we look forward to adding you company into the mix! View our full portfolio here.

Supplemental Reading

Check out a few of our outside resources for building a better business, marketing techniques and much more! We are always searching for new great finds filled with business insights and helpful tips. Reach out to us for more recommendations or contact us today to start on your improved marketing campaign.


This book by Seth Godin urges readers to think outside of the box and improve critical thinking skills.


Nir Eyal details the pattern to which products and services catch users attention and become essential for consumers.


Book by Jonah Berger is a must read for any marketing professional trying to get ahead of the social media curve.


One of The Economist’s 2011 Books of the Year, this book by Daniel Kahneman is sure to shape your thinking.

Helpful Links

There are an endless number of articles, blogs and books to help you better understand marketing to your target market. We produce both blog articles and vlogs covering all subjects from general marketing and design to the specifics on what to expect from highly optimized SEO.  Check back often for more information in our articles and videos or subscribe to our newsletter! Reach out to us today to learn more about optimizing your marketing strategy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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