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Website Design for Artful Home Staging created in September of 2016. This project was a complete web design overhaul, changing up the design to reflect the company’s new brand, while also creating a simplified, faster-loading website.

Artful Home Staging is a company that offers – Home Staging Consultation – Home staging consultation has to be one of the most valuable services offered by Artful Home Staging in that there are more occupied homes on the market than unoccupied. 

During a home staging consultation, Artful Home Staging meets with the sellers to advise them on what changes need to be made inside and out to Depersonalize, De-clutter and Divorce themselves from the house as their home and begin thinking of it as an investment. It is about neutralizing the property… getting rid of the seller’s personality.

Another service that Artful Home Staging offers is Vacant Home Staging –

It is not always necessary to furnish every room in the house. Typically it is only essential to stage the major living areas such as the entry, living room, dining room, master bedroom as well as the kitchen and bathrooms. It is also important to furnish any room whose function or size is questionable, such as an odd shaped room or a small bedroom/office. Furniture and color is a tremendous asset in this situation by adding warmth and personality as well as proportion and functionality.

Owning the inventory gives tremendous flexibility with tight schedules and furnishings that are style and size appropriate for the house.

E-Staging Occupied Listings

Realtor sends link or MLS photos for properties via email that have been on the market for awhile or recently taken off the market. Artful Home Staging reviews the photos and sends suggestions in an email report of items to be decluttered and rearranged in the space so that new photos can be re-shot.

To learn more about Artful Home Staging and their services, visit artfulhomestaging.com.

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