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Company Overview

A place to let your imagination run wild. Let’s Imagine is specifically designed to cultivate the rapidly developing mind of babies, toddlers, and young children through purposeful play and engaging activities.


As a brand new business, Let’s Imagine needed to develop their brand that showcased their imaginative, timeless, and playful spirit. As well as gaining an online presence via a professional website and social media awareness, they needed signage and branding collateral for their new indoor playground.

Logo Design & Branding Package



Design Elements

Responsvive Web Design

All of our websites are 100% custom-built for each customer, taking into account the needs of their company, brand, and functionality and follow the updated google algorithm. There isn’t too small a company or too large a project. Our goal is to create a stable and reliable web portal for you and your customers to use again and again seamlessly across all devices.

Social Media Management

The Let’s Imagine team needed a bit of help getting started on social media across all platforms while the business was still getting started. The Simplemachine designers began working on a social media strategy and campaign to showcase the fun and energetic business that is Let’s Imagine. As a new Indoor Playground, it was important to showcase their hours, their play packages and the grand opening!

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral and print materials are essential for any business to get their name and information out to their target market. Check out these billboard designs, menus and flyers we designed for the Let’s Imagine Indoor Playground. Contact us today to get started on graphic designs and materials for your company!

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