Helvetcha Logo | Tech Graphic Design

Helvetecha Logo – Created in December of 2013.

Here is a logo design for the company, Helvetecha, a marketing company located in Austin, TX.  In addition to their logo design, Simplemachine has had a great impact on their website as well, offering web design consulting and development guidance to the team at Helvetecha.  It’s always a fun time working with their team and we always appreciate their business.

The logo was created with minimalism and simplicity in mind.  They wanted to bring in elements of technology to their design and tie everything together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way.  Through this approach, we brought in the circuit board and other computer hardware elements into their logo to accomplish this goal. The circuit board is an obvious reference to their design, to tie in their business’ services that include IT work, computer repair and traditional marketing campaigns. The Helvetecha logo was really a fun and enjoyable logo to work on.  Although challenging at some points, both our company and the client was very satisfied with how everything turned out as far as the company’s branding.

Simple, black and white, and minimalistic define their branding, much like the branding here at Simplemachine.

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