Ministry Web Design

The website design for Rod Downey Ministries was created during the Summer of 2017 for Rod Downey.

The mission of Rod Downey Ministries (RDM) is to prophetically proclaim God and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means available, and equipping all with God’s truth and way. As watchmen, their goal is to create passionate seekers of God, to turn people back to trusting, obeying, and worshiping God. To create a restored connection and relationship to God that can transform, renew hope and peace.

Rod Downey Ministries is calling for people all over the world to connect and restore faith in God by spreading the good news. They are embarking on a global outreach program designed to focus on bringing God back into people’s lives. With one goal in sight, they want to connect people from the Church body to the marketplace, out into the public eye. The ministry wants to turn people back to the one true God. Those attending the upcoming events can expect a message of trust, obedience, and prayer.

We had a blast working with Rod on the website and wish him the best of luck on his spiritual journey in creating his ministry and following. Contact Simplemachine to get started on a custom web design for your growing business. Visit their site here.

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