NWA Farmlink | Simplemachine Designs
The web design for NWA Farmlink was created by Simplemachine in the fall of 2019. NWA Farmlink has been providing educational and networking events for farm seekers and farmland owners. NWA Farmlink was made possible by a grant to the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust from the Walton Family Foundation.
The Simplemachine team partnered with Farmlink to create a simplistic and clean website design for the local farmlands and farm seekers they serve. Our goal was to help create a place for these farmland owners and future owners to connect throughout each aspect of the design. From easy navigation to modern clean elements. We had the best time working with the Farmlink team and can not wait to see what all they will do for the entire Northwest Arkansas area. If you are located in the Northwest Arkansas area and are in need of a cost-effective website don’t hesitate to call today for a free estimate!
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