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Optimal Home Inspection’s mission is to report all visible and readily identifiable concerns with homes. Using the latest technology for same day delivery, our report discloses the issues discovered along with photos of the deficiencies to help with understanding the findings.
Our Inspector utilizes the report, photos, and years of experience to walk you through possible consequences of deficiencies and provides a clear understanding of the home. We help owners and buyers comprehend the issues and how they affect the home and the relative age and condition of components: heat/air, water heater, electrical, roof, installed appliances, etc.

Meet the founder, Jeromy Overman. He has over 25 years experience in the construction and inspection fields, an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Environmental Sciences and Regulation/Management, and is Licensed and Insured for Residential Inspection (AHIB Lic # 1725). Jeromy spent more than 10 years as a carpenter learning the ins and outs of framing and structural components of a building. The experience gained working as an inspector for government bodies, third-party companies, and insurance companies give him the ability and knowledge to identify visible and readily identifiable issues with the major components of the home.

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