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The negative health effects of food insecurity disproportionately affect our neighbors living at lower income levels, often resulting in undernutrition and increased rates of chronic disease and obesity.
We’re working to ensure that our neighbors have food that will nourish and strengthen them. We create delicious, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare, accessible, and affordable. We’re grateful for the expert culinary, nutrition, and regulatory assistance of Tyson Foods in developing our meals. Every one of our delicious recipes provides at least 10 grams of protein per serving and includes 19 essential vitamins and minerals. We believe that people receiving our meals are worthy of dignity and respect, so we take great care in designing packaging that would stand out on any store shelf.
Our packaging reflects the extraordinary quality of the meal and includes USDA tested and approved messaging to reinforce nutrition education and programs designed to encourage healthy eating and help people who receive food assistance.
They came to Simplemachine to get their website built on a more user-friendly platform for both the users and the administration board.
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