A website design for Type 1 At A Time designed and developed by Simplemachine in the Spring of 2019.
Type 1 At A Time, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has been developed to help families with Type 1 diabetic children financially by purchasing insulin, supplies, and devices the children requires to live. The financial burden of this disease is devastating for many families. By using donations, grants, sponsorships, and fundraisers we will help purchase these lifesaving resources and provide much-needed relief for families in need. We not only strive to provide financial assistance to those families that need it but also to educate, encourage and enlighten the public on this life-altering disease. We know how important it is that individuals understand the differences between this chronic disease and others, as well as the struggles that go along with it.
Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body’s pancreas produces little to no insulin. Without insulin, glucose (blood sugar) accumulates in the bloodstream. At high levels, glucose can cause destruction to nearly every organ in the body and without intervention and proper management can cause death. Most Type 1 diabetics are diagnosed in childhood, however, there are many people diagnosed in adulthood as well. There are around 586 thousand diabetic children in the world and there will be approximately 96,000 children newly diagnosed every year.
The recently established Foundation was in need of a website that both gave information about the cause and highlighted the families in need that will be receiving support through the foundation. Working with a non-profit organization, like Type 1, is extremely important to us here at Simplemachine. Being able to provide a service for this foundation helped us gain some perspective into the lives of those who have Type 1 and how it affects them. Be on the lookout for the Simplemachine team at events and functions in support of this foundation. View their site here or reach out today to get more information on how we can help your company.