XD Mallard Decoy Series | Web Design | Simplemachine

Simplemachine developed and hosts the XD Mallard 2018 Series Decoy collection page. This project came to fruition in June of 2018.

The specs of the XD Mallard 2018 series decoy will blow you out of the water! The XD series floats a DuraFeather™ multi-material supple body, with deep feather detail, vibrantly colored with a cutting-edge painting technique that provides the absolute highest detail and durability on a decoy today. Held upright by the undeniable, best-performing 60/40 DuraKeel™—perfectly weighted with 60% of the mass in the front for a dead-on, life-like float.

The team from Avery Outdoors came to us with their design and had us implement their vision with an efficiently running platform and a highly optimized website expertly tailored for search engines. Call us today for more information on how we can improve your website and hunt down the business you’ve been searching for. Check out their site here.

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