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As a performing arts studio, you likely work with a number of client types. These people may range from pre-school aged children to senior citizens. One of the beautiful aspects of performing arts is there is no age range. Passion develops at different times in a person’s life, which is one of the reasons why so many demographics come to your studio. You may also rent out studio space to people looking to offer classes of their own. Whatever you offer at your performing arts studio it is important to properly connect with your target audiences. To do this, you need a marketing plan cultivated specifically to fit your needs. This is where Simplemachine comes in. The experts on hand are here to help you with the complete formulation of your performing arts studio marketing, which in turn will help bring in more foot and Web traffic while generating greater interest in what you have to offer.

Identifying Your Target Audience

There’s a good chance you have several target audiences. You may offer classes for young children, programs for college students, or even offer classes to senior citizens who are looking to take a crack at acting and live performances. The good thing about your performing arts studio is you likely already have a strong indication as to who your target audiences are. With the help of Simplemachine, you can create profiles for each of these target audiences. With a created profile for these customers, it becomes easier to tailor marketing and advertising material specifically for them. This way, by knowing exactly who your target audience members are you’ll have a better time reaching out and connecting with them (often at a less expensive price.)

Creating a Marketing Plan

It’s important to understand the difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is part of marketing and it makes up part of your marketing plan where you pay to place material in front of your target audience. However, the most effective marketing plans do not solely rely on paid advertisements. In fact, there are plenty of ways your performing arts studio can get out in front of your key demographics without paying a cent in advertisement fees.

You are a performance studio, and as such need to showcase this. Individuals want to have a better grasp of what they are to learn and even what they may become after taking courses through your studio. One of the best ways to do this is to create videos and post these videos on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These videos can highlight exactly what different courses offer. So whether you offer acting courses, dance, fight choreography, or something else entirely, your videos can show this. In fact, when it comes to selling what you offer, a video is the best asset at your disposal. No amount of words or pictures can duplicate what a video shows.

Taking advantage of video is a great way to introduce interested potential clients to yourself and the studio. You can talk about your background, where you studied, performances you have been a part of and other information that may help sell you as an instructor and your studio as a practical site.

Boosting Localized Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to locating a desirable performing arts studio within the area, many potential clients will turn to search engines for guidance. If they have never taken a performing class, or if you’re looking to sign their child up for a course, they likely will have little to no experience with the surrounding community and what they offer. Due to this, it is of critical importance for your studio to do well with regards to search engine rankings.

There aren’t many performing arts studios in the surrounding area, which means your competition is smaller, but it also demonstrates how important it is to outperform your competition on search engines. The higher up the search engine result list is, the more traffic you’ll receive. It’s always better when you are the first website someone clicks on than the third or fourth. Because there’s no guaranteeing someone will click on the third or fourth or tenth website listing. But they will click on the first link.

Simplemachine can help you create a website that climbs search engine rankings thanks to localized search engine optimization. Performing well on a general search is beneficial, but as you have a target region where most of your clients come from you want to do well in this given area. With just a few tweaks and adjustments, Simplemachine can help. This will begin with claiming your business on Google (Google always like it when businesses interact with its services, and as such often reward these businesses with boosts in search engine rankings). It will also include adding your business address to every page on your website while also connecting Google Maps to your site as well. With these adjustments and a few other alterations, you’ll experience not just a boost in localized traffic to your website but you’ll see your website ranking climb on search engines as well.

A Marketing Plan For You

Every business is different. The needs of one company will vary from another. Even if there is another performing arts studio across town, this studio will likely cater to a slightly different audience. It will have its own budget and, likewise, it will be part of a desirable marketing plan. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the world of marketing and advertising. That is why it is so important to not just copy and paste marketing material you read from a book or from a demonstration video online. You need a marketing approach created specifically for you by experts who understand how it all works.

Simplemachine provides a number of marketing plan options. This way, you can select a plan that works best for your budget and for what you’re looking to do. You’re never locked into this one plan, and as things progress should you want to add onto the plan or take aspects away you are always free to do this. Simplemachine just wants to make sure you have something you can work with and that will help take your business to new heights.

Should you have any questions about which plan might work best for you (or what elements of each plan do), you’re free to contact Simplemachine at your convenience.

If you’re serious about connecting with your target audience and bringing in more potential clients into your studio, it is imperative for you to fully develop a marketing approach. From blogging about services you offer and activities provided to advertising through social media and connecting with your target audience, there is no shortage of outreach methods available to you. Simplemachine can help you every step of the way with your marketing approach. So whether you have a few questions about your performing arts studio’s current marketing method or you need help from the ground up, now is the time to give Simplemachine a call.

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