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History of Prairie Grove

Website Design Company Prairie Grove AR – Take a walk through Mock Park in downtown Prairie Grove, and you’ll find a freshwater spring. This spring is what attracted the attention of the earliest settlers to this area.

In 1829, a man by the name of Tom Wagnon had claimed the land around the spring for his homestead. However, Reverend Andrew Buchanan made a deal with Mr. Wagnon. He would find the settler a new place to call home in exchange for the land around the spring. A deal was struck, and Wagnon moved on to a new plot of land.

The Reverend, also known “Uncle Buck,” established a church close to the spring. Settlers started to come into the area, attracted by the freshwater and the established church. The waters of the spring became a gathering spot for everyone in the area who came down to drink some cold water and socialize with neighbors.

Northwest Arkansas was a strategic center of activity during the Civil War. In late 1862, several Confederate regiments had retreated out of Missouri and were using the area over the winter. Union forces, under the command of Brigadier General James Blunt, were ordered to press into NW Arkansas in pursuit. Confederate Major General Thomas Hindman got orders to go up against the infiltrating Union regiments.

After a series of battles, the two forces met near Prairie Grove at dawn on December 7, 1862. The battle waged throughout the day, with both sides gaining and losing ground. By the end of the day, however, the Confederates found themselves low on food and ammunition. They used the cover of darkness to retreat.

This encounter became known as the Battle of Prairie Grove. The battlefield is now protected inside the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, part of which is inside the current town limits.

After the Civil War, the area started to grow, with more people coming to set up households, farms, and businesses. The growth spurred the need for a more organized setup. In 1877, the county surveyor, J.A. Buchanan, laid out the street grid and lots. On July 9, 1888, the town was incorporated under the name of Prairie Grove.

By 1890, the town of Prairie Grove had a population of 412. By 1904, the town had grown to nearly a square mile in size, with hundreds of new lots used for businesses and residences. Growth was fairly steady throughout the 20th century.

Where We Are Now

Today, Prairie Grove offers small-town charm in an area of the country that’s seeing record growth. The town now covers over 8 square miles with a population well over 4,500 people. It’s about 10 miles outside of Fayetteville and just a bit further from the economic hub at Springdale.

The major road going through town is US 62, which connects it to Fayetteville and Interstate 49.


The major landmark in town is the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park. The park hosts flea markets and produces sales throughout the spring and summer. Civil War reenact-ors from both the Union and Confederate sides also come to the park to reenact the battle.

Tourists can view the battlefield year-round, and a car tour is available to see every aspect of the area. An onsite museum offers a view of battlefield relics, maps, and other items of interest.

Major Attractions
The Prairie Grove Aquatic Park offers water fun for everyone in the summer. Slides and pools make hot Arkansas temperatures a bit more comfortable.

Major Businesses
Small businesses thrive in the historic downtown area, as well as along US 62, going through town in both directions. While no large manufacturers are calling Prairie Grove home, there are plenty of small and medium-sized businesses flourishing here. Specialty Fasteners, the Ozark Delight Candy Company, AZZ Galvanizing, and Polytech Plastic Molding are just a few.

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