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Roofing Company Marketing – As a business person in the construction & roofing trade, you need proven advertising techniques to ensure you reach your target clients. Even though professionalism and high workmanship standards count, you also need to promote your business in any possible way. You will need to study the market to determine strategies that will work best for your business. Your strategies should align with your roofing company’s strengths for you to get a reasonable return on investment. With a professional marketing partner by your side, you can benefit from implementation tactics that are guaranteed to grow your roofing business exponentially.

Why a Roofing Company Needs an Advertising Partner

Every business has a strategic advantage, and as a roofing company owner, you should consider using your strengths as your first line of defense against your competitors. For instance, offering more affordable services may have some customers choosing you over your competition. You should, however, remember to prioritize the interests of your business as well so as not to run losses. Hiring a professional marketing company ensures that you have an easy time scouting prices and determining how much your services are worth.

Aside from hiring professional technicians, you also need to hire a trusted marketing partner to ensure customers are willing to pay extra for your excellent services. Market analysis can only be done by a professional marketer with experience in the roofing industry. A professional advertising partner allows you to focus on delivering high service to your clients. Having a place in the crowded market ensures new players entering the industry does not overtake your business.

Proven Marketing Strategies that Work for Roofing Company Owners

1. Maximizing Local Coverage

As you try to expand your reach, it is advisable to start with your immediate local area. An advertising partner ensures you can leverage threats, strengths, and weakness to ensure this is attainable. The local residential roofing market is very lucrative, and with the right strategies, you can tap into it. As a roofing company owner, you should strive to identify yourself as a leader.

  • Focusing on commercial properties and green roofing

Once you have taken the local market, then you can focus on the commercial properties as well as green roofing. Re-roofing and historic roof preservation in the local area allows prospects to see the value that you can offer. Identifying the market segment that is most likely to be attracted to your business will enable you to focus your marketing efforts to the right audience. For instance, as a high-end roofing company, it only makes sense to focus your marketing efforts on wealthy clients. Your choice of customers speaks a lot about the kind of business you are focused on building.

  • Establishing your Niche and/or business territory

Marking your business territory, and dominating it, allows you to always have business even during difficult economic times. The surest way of guaranteeing that your customers won’t cross over to your competitors is catering for their needs. Gaining a competitive advantage involves putting effort into showcasing your work and offering each client a personalized experience.

2. Making a Statement

Aside from professionalism and high workmanship standards, it helps to next get the word out there. The message attached to your business speaks a lot about where you stand as a business. Working with a professional content marketing company allows you access to expert assistance when it comes to designing of brochures and publications.  Leverage social networks and the internet to ensure you’re hitting your online audience. As a roofing contractor, you need to ensure your company offers excellent customer service since a customer-centered business is guaranteed to grow.

  • Creation of a unique image

Assuring that your repairs, as well as your installation jobs, are done correctly is another way of making a statement. Creation of a unique image for your business allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Hiring experienced marketing professionals ensure there are conversations around your business. Take advantage of your competitive strength to ensure prospects choose you over your competition.

3. Networking

Joining professional roofing associations is one sure way of expanding your reach as a roofing company owner. You should also consider educating your audience with informative posts on social media pages and on your business website. Identifying yourself as a reliable source of information makes prospects see the importance of working with a licensed roofing professional company like yours. Since the world has been digitalized, word of mouth alone is not enough to get reliable referrals.

4. Encoded Marketing

When you know the message you want to put out there, it’s much easier to reach your target audience. It is also good to know what your clients are looking for. Encoded marketing allows you to track customer data so that you deliver a personalized experience. Consider giving clients free estimates so that they can know you are a transparent company. Any strategies that do not positively impact your business should be eliminated as they waste time, effort and finances. Keeping track of every marketing effort allows you to account for a sudden business decrease or increase.

5. Customized Services

Customer communication gives you the feedback you need especially after service delivery. You can use this feedback to customize services and adjust wherever necessary. Investing in technology allows roofing company owners to further improve customer experience. In fact, 76% of commercial roofing contractors expressed their optimism in the increase in sales through to the year 2020 due to their success with digital marketing. How clients view your company determines if they’ll come back or not. Identifying your deficiencies as a business allows you to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Whether it is a commercial property or a residential construction project, you need to ensure your technicians put their best foot forward. The consistent flow of business is only possible when your company’s quality service delivery is also consistent. Building long-term relationships with your customers ensure that you build a future proof business.

6. Testimonials

Consider leveraging testimonials from satisfied customers to convince prospects that you offer value. Use your social networking pages as well as your business website to increase the credibility of your business.

  • Search engine optimization

Effective digital advertising strategies allow you to market your business to qualified leads. Search engine optimization ensures that when people key in logical search terms into search engines, they can find your business. Ranking high on SERPs allows you to boost your website’s click-through rate. Taking your message online ensures that you get prospects that browse for local roofing companies.


Business promotion is an essential part of growing a roofing company. As a roofing company owner, you are in a better position to exponentially grow your business when you have a trusted advertising agency by your side.

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