Storage Company Marketing & Web Design

Running a storage company has its own unique challenges. For example, you likely don’t have a traditional key demographic. In order to reach your potential customers, you’ll need to market a bit differently from other companies. This includes not focusing on one age group or demographic within your targeted service area. Marketing in this manner adds different variables into the approach for your storage company, but it also brings about additional growth potential. In order to best present your business to potential clients, you will need to carry out a full-fledged marketing approach geared toward long term exposure.

Establishing a Strong Internet Presence

Every business needs a strong Internet presence. The more access points a potential customer has to discover your company, the better. However, a storage service provider is a bit different from other businesses. With a restaurant or a retail outlet, for instance, there’s a need to continually remind customers of their existence. Due to this, these companies need to regularly maintain social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. This is not necessarily the right strategy for your business. Instead, you need to be readily available at the point when a potential customer decides they need storage assistance.

To do this, you need your company’s marketing approach to provide insights where clients are more likely to look. This begins with having an easily accessible and navigable website. Beyond having a strong-performing website, you also need to have a Facebook profile. These are the two locations where most individuals needing storage will begin their search. From these jumping-off points, you can begin increasing your presence by fine-tuning the information you offer on Facebook and your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Localized SEO is one of the most important marketing steps your storage company will make. Storage customers typically do not rent out storage units all around town. They select one service provider and stay with them. Because of this unique “loyalty,” your company’s SEO is of critical importance. You need to push your website SEO above the competition to gain the attention of prospective customers. Simplemachine can help you do this.

There are a number of steps your company can take in order to improve the localized SEO. One of the easiest and most effective options is including your location address on every page of the website. An easy fix for this is to place the information in your website’s footer. You should also have a “Contact Us” page where your address is provided. Including a Google Maps address listing here is helpful, as well. Google likes it when websites integrate its service features, and this can help boost your local SEO. Simplemachine can also help implement traditional search engine optimization techniques to boost your website performance and search engine ranking.

Claiming Your Company

There are other ways to help boost your localized SEO. One of the best ways to do this is to claim your business through online services. Make an easy start by claiming your business through Google. Google will already have your business listed, but it’s up to you to let the search engine know you’re the owner. Once Google confirms this information, you’ll have additional access to addressing reviews placed on the search engine. As an authorized and confirmed business owner, you can help boost your SEO.

You will want to do the same with other review services like Yelp. Claiming your business on Yelp keeps you up to date on user reviews, making it possible to communicate with customers while also helping you know what others are saying about your business. Failure to monitor and claim your business on review platforms like Yelp may result in not addressing unflattering reviews, which may scare potential customers away.


Another great way to boost your storage company’s SEO is through blogging. Blogging gives your website additional pages on search engines to be sourced, which are just additional links sending traffic to your page. On top of this, the more pages you have updated on a regular basis the more frequently search engines crawl your page. This can also help boost your website SEO.

Blogging for your storage company can provide helpful information to potential customers. While you are free to blog on anything you might want, offering insights into the storage service and how customers can better protect their items will educate customers and showcase your knowledge. Whether you write about when a temperature controlled unit is best, or how clients can use a storage unit to make moving easier, there are plenty of topics you can focus on.


In a similar fashion to your blog, you can also create a YouTube channel where you cover similar topics, only in video form. As YouTube is the second most used “search engine” on the Internet, it is especially beneficial to take advantage of YouTube and to list your business here. Creating YouTube videos does take more work and specialized knowledge than writing a blog, but it can help generate unique traffic while also educating your potential customers. Eventually, you may even be able to earn additional income through your YouTube channel, once you reach the subscriber and view time thresholds. The more you take advantage of Google-related services, the better. Plus, by placing your business in front of a different user base, you’ll boost your customer potential. Just one customer coming from YouTube can generate thousands of dollars.

Specialized Marketing

Every business, including your storage company, needs to consider specialized marketing tactics. These come down to a number of variables, all of which will play a role in where you advertise your business. For example, you may want to partner with a local moving company to advertise your businesses at each other’s venue. This way, someone who is looking into moving boxes or trucks will come across your storage service.

Additionally, by going through your analytical data it becomes easier to identify the kind of customers you have, where they live, and how they come about discovering your business. With this information in mind, you can then customize other forms of specialty marketing to increase your client base. With the help of Simplemachine, it’s possible to go through all of this information and craft a new, more aggressive marketing approach for your business.

Storage company marketing is, in many ways, similar to real estate marketing. Your goal is to bring in potential customers who need to use storage units, often for extended periods of time. However, with different customers requiring storage for a variety of reasons, you have the potential to connect with these prospective clients in a number of ways. As no two storage companies are the same, your own business will need to have a tailored approach to best connect with your target audiences, while highlighting the services your business provides. With the help of Simplemachine, you have access to a team of marketing and advertising professionals who can help you formulate and execute the entire marketing approach. This, in turn, will boost your lead generation and conversion potential. All you need to do to get started is to contact the team at Simplemachine at your earliest convenience.

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