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The trucking industry is a competitive market and the only way to make it is to build a brand that stands out. To survive difficult economic conditions as well as weather and breakdowns, you need to invest in high-quality equipment and technicians. Aside from that, you also need a bulletproof marketing plan. Making it as an upcoming trucking company is a tricky endeavor as there are popular companies in the industry. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to firmly establish your business so that new players don’t overtake you.

1. Making a Name for Yourself

Just like any other business, you need a name that stands out for your trucking business. A company name that identifies what you do allows prospects to know what to expect just by the name of your business. Hire a professional marketing company and get insights on the best name to go with. Ensure you use descriptive terms so that customers have an easy time remembering your company. You should include the region you serve as well as what your trucking company specializes in for better identification. This way, you get qualified leads each time one of your trucks is driven down the road.

The name of your company is a passive yet powerful marketing tool that you cannot let go to waste. Specialized trucking is a thoughtful choice since is easy to remember ensuring you get qualified referrals even from onlookers. Ensure your company’s name is as short as possible and that it is consistent everywhere it appears, including your business website. Elimination of volatility ensures locals find your business each time they key in the name of your company.

2. Clearly Marked Vehicles

Clearly marking your vehicles also ensures customers and prospects can identify your trucks. Also, remember to hire professional drivers as their driving skills represent your company. Consider having a big and bold sign at the back and on the side of each truck, so that you market your company each time you are out on business. Including your business’ contact information allows prospects to call in and inquire about your rates and services. With clearly marked vehicles, no one will miss your advertising on the road. Your trucks will work as free rolling billboards.

3. Email Marketing

Once you make successful business interactions with customers, make a point of following up via email to get feedback. Knowing what customers thought about your services give you an idea of what to keep doing and what your business needs to improve. Emailing freight brokers and shippers on your mailing list ensures that you are always on their mind. This way, when they require trucking services, you’ll be the first company they contact.

Sending a monthly newsletter is a thoughtful idea because it is not too often that you irritate your customers, but rather a polite reminder of the services you offer. Emailing about your routes allows you to get return cargos so that your drivers don’t come back with an empty truck. Notifying freight brokers each time you have available space in your truck ensures that you don’t pass up opportunities to make extra profit.

4. Excellent Customer Support

The trucking business is a highly profitable trade, and in 2017, the market’s worth was about 700 billion U.S dollars. Numbers do not lie, and since then the markets worth has increased exponentially. As a trucking company, you need to tap into this market to optimize your profit. One sure way of ensuring this is possible is delivering excellent customer service. Every truck with your company’s name is a virtual sales representative as the skills of your drivers reflect back on your company. Even though there has been a shortage of truck drivers in the industry, ensure you hire professional drivers who will not tarnish your business’ hard-earned reputation. Excellent customer service earns you last minute business that positively impacts your bottom lines.

5. Online Advertising

The surest way of hacking online marketing is to hire a professional marketing company that’s well conversant with how trucking companies operate. The creative thinking of professional marketers ensures you put your business name in front of freight brokers and shippers. An industrial website allows you to showcase your fleet of trucks and the services you offer. Also, consider enlisting the routes you ply and your transportation rates. A highly informative website offers prospects all the information they require. Online ads help you get instant leads in a short period so that your business stays afloat and continues to gain brand new clients.

6. Content Marketing

Whether you have a large or small truckload fleet, content marketing is an important aspect of business promotion. Once you build a professional website, you need to update it with relevant content at regular intervals. Expressing your business personality and vision through your blogs allows customers to see the value you can offer. Finding shippers and brokers you want to work with involves optimizing written content with competitive keywords. This way, your customers find you and not the other way around. Attracting qualified customers ensures you increase your company’s revenue streams.

Creation of unique blog posts ensures you connect with new and existing customers by engaging them in the comment section. Always being ready for business ensures that you establish your trucking company as a reliable one. Showcasing excellence and professionalism allows you to build a relationship of trust with new customers and increase your conversion rate. Working with a professional content marketing and SEO company ensure your website is optimized for Google and other search engines.

7. Paying Attention to Details

Even with cost-effective strategies, you need to pay attention to details to make your business appealing to prospective customers. Consider working with a professional marketing agency to design attractive business cards. Also, remember to work with a professional web designer to have your website properly coded. A business website only serves its purpose when the designing and coding is done correctly. A presentable website boosts your click-through rate which will in turn greatly impact your online presence. Other details to need to pay keen attention to is the complaints customers make online or offline.

Remember that courtesy goes a long way in ensuring you retain loyal customers even after a disagreement. Having friendly and helpful agents at your offices ensures customers are served to their satisfaction. Building a customer-centered business involves listening to your customers and doing everything in your power to ensure they have a personalized experience. Taking time off your busy schedule to attend industry events allows you to meet and interact with prospective customers. You also get the opportunity to learn from fellow trucking company owners.


Leveraging every marketing opportunity ensures you have a competitive edge over your competitors. For you to make a good profit, you need to hire a professional marketing agency that will work with solutions within your margins. Online advertising allows you to get the word out so that you always have a business.

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