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History of Benton

Benton city is found in Arkansas State in the United States of America. The city was established in 1837. The city was first settled around 1833, and it was named after the Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton. The city was formally chartered when Arkansas became a state in 1836.

Benton city covers an area of 18.4 square miles. Of this, 18.4 square miles 17.9 square miles is land, and 0.5 square miles is water. The city was first laid out in lots and blocks. The lots were sold at $30 each, which was very affordable. The money collected from selling the lots and blocks was used to construct public buildings.

The original plat of Benton city was filed along with around 120 deeds. It included the streets and a public square. When people settled in the city, there was a need to have a post office. The Saline crossing post moved to Benton in 1836.

Where We Are Now

Benton city has grown rapidly, and it has a population of 34,034 residents. The city continues to grow with the years, and it has a population growth of around 16.9%. The level of unemployment in the area is at 3.1%. The recent job growth in the area is on a positive, which shows that jobs have increased by 0.1%.

The cost of living is low in this city as compared to other cities in the United States of America. The cost of living is 11.8% lower than in other cities. The real estate market keep thriving and growing in the area. Most homes have appreciated by 4.2% in the last ten years.

Major Attractions

The city is filled with gorgeous parks, amusement parks, and theaters, which you can enjoy walking around. If you love history and entertainment, then you might want to try the royal theater.

The theater has been the center of entertainment in Saline County for almost nine decades. It continues to play a viable role in the community since it is the center for performing arts.

The building was built in 1920, and it served as a movie theater till the ’90s. Royal Theatre is now a home base for the royal players. It serves as a community theater which presents the community with entertainment.

The building was first known as IMP, and it was later changed to Royal following a change in possession from the original owner to Wallace. From 1996 the theater was changed from a movie theater to a performance theater.


There are a lot of historic places that serve as landmarks to this amazing city. The landmarks show the exact place you are at and in case you get lost people can track you. The major landmarks include the old mill, the historic round top filling and the junction bridge. The Shoppach house also serves as a landmark and a historical building. This house was built in 1853, and it was the only brick house in Saline County. The brick house remains unchanged all these years, and it serves as a great landmark in the area.

Major Companies
Benton city is home to several companies. The companies in this area help increase and improve the economy. Additionally, they offer employment opportunities to the people in the area. Some major companies include Walmart.

Benton Chamber Of Commerce
If you want to start a business in Benton or already have a business in the area, you need to learn about the Benton chamber of commerce. This organization represent the business and institutions in Benton.

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