Liberated is a website for those who are eligible for record expungements in the state of Missouri. The lawyers working behind are dedicated to making the expungement process as easy and expedited as possible.

Project Challenges

Our client came to us with a specific idea to help people in the state of Missouri with their expungement process. With the 2018 Missouri Expungement Law, a process has been created where around 1,900 eligible offenses can be sealed. Some individuals with misdemeanor convictions can file petitions after three years and those with felonies, after seven years. That waiting time used to be 10 and 20 years respectively.

Many of the clients who are looking for record expungement may not have had access to the resources previously required to aid in their expungement process or the process was too long to help. The website helps to bridge the gap between the legal system and the people within it and expedite the expungement process for qualified individuals.




Project Solution

An important feature that Liberated was looking for was to have the entire website function on a correct answer contingency. As their client moves through the process, they immediately know, based on their answers, if they are eligible for expungement in their county.

Liberated | Professional Web Design
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Responsive Design

It was extremely important to make sure that this website was fully responsive and fully functional across all devices. The success of their online platform allows all of liberated’s clients to be able to access the site from any location or browser. Each individual functionality of the website is fully responsive and it’s own way.

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