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Pea Ridge is located in the North-East corner of Benton County. This is just a few miles south of Arkansas- Missouri State Line. It is part of the Ozarks Region, and it has an enriched history and heritage.

The name of Pea Ridge comes from a combination of the physical location for the initial settlement of the town. It is situated across the crest of the Ozark Mountains ridge. This is in addition to the hog peanuts which initially cultivated with Native Americans tribes for centuries before European settlement. This assisted in the provision of basic subsistence for the pioneer farmers who arrived later.

The town is infamous for its location of the pivotal American civil war engagement with the Battle of Pea Bridge. It is also renowned as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern which happened 5 miles away to the west of the town.

A significant site in the town is the Pea Ridge National Military Park which marks the location of the largest Civil War battles west of the Mississippi River. This marks the successful culmination of the Union’s effort in securing control of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The St. Louis arsenal also protects it with the supply of the Gen. Grant’s Vicksburg campaign. The park is inclusive of over 4,300 acres and a seven-mile tour with close to 10 stops which feature wayside exhibits.

The white settlers were first spotted in the Pea Ridge area especially during the decade before the Arkansas statehood declared in 1836 which proceeded till the 1850s. The beginning of the town I dated back to 1850 following the construction of the first post office. The first postmasters who served the town were Robert C. Foster and Robert H. Wallace.

Where We Are Now

Currently, Pea Ridge is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States recognized for its historical upbringing. The town has a total area covering 7.4 square miles with an estimated population of 4,794 as per 2010 census. Apart from being an economic hub, it is also a historical center representing both the world war eras.

Here are some things you need to know about Pea Ridge includes:

The most significant landmark would be the Pea Ridge National Military Park. The Pea Ridge City Park is also a big hit!

Major Attractions
The Elkhorn Tavern Park is a historical stop that is reminiscent of the Civil War in addition to the Trail of Fears and Butterfield Overland Mail Co. The tavern is a popular scenery for the stagecoach. Another impressive preserved part is the route leading to the northward of the renovated tavern.

The national part with the Butterfield Overland trail is part of the Arkansas heritage trails system. This makes up a statewide system of historic trails that educate residents of the history of the place while encouraging cultural tourism.

Major Companies
As a fast-growing city in the United States, Pea Ridge has managed to attract various companies to build the entrepreneurial space in the area. Notable firms, which are part of the entrepreneurial space in the area, include Cox Retailers, Cox Cable, Webb Floors, Cox Communications among many.

Pea Ridge Chamber of Commerce
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