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Located in Washington County, Arkansas, Tontitown is located in the Ozark Mountains along Highway 412. The city was founded by the Italian settlers back in 1898. It is synonymous for its wines and grapes. Since its conception, the city has been the host of the Tontitown Grape Festival.

The story behind Tontitown can be equated to those of other great American towns which start with the life of immigrants. With the excessive taxation, political unrest and the unpopular colonial wars, there emerged a class of Italian farming units who set sail for the USA back in 1895. The farmers have a wish to begin a new life.

Following a life of struggling in Southeast Arkansas, Father Pietro Bandini purchased a plot of land-based in Northwest Arkansas. The new land becomes home to over 40 families, which marked the beginning growth of Tontitown.

The settlers found that the climate and terrain of the area were similar to their native homes in Northern Italy. After settling in the area in 1898, the Italian settlers named the town with regard to the Italian explorer, Henri de Tonti.

Following their arrival, it was hard to cope with winter. The men resorted to working in the mines in Oklahoma with the women and children scrapping off to make a living. Later on, the farmers began constructing log cabins while living on rabbit meat.

Spring marked a new form of living as the farmers took to framing. They grew strawberries, apples, vegetables, and grapes for cash. The earning led to the renovation of the old schoolhouse in Tontitown. This later gave birth to the Tontitown Grape Festival celebrated annually at the St. Joseph’s grounds.

The town was later incorporated in 1909 with the first mayor being Father Bandini. The growth of the city was hastened following the arrival of the railroads. The town later became the first depot in 1912 ever since the town has tremendously grown while holding to their traditions and heritage.

Where We Are Now

What do you look for in a small American town? It has to be the diversity of people, businesses, and people. All these additions represent Tontitown. A small growing community, the city, is perfectly planned to cater to the needs of the future while preserving the past.

Tontitown is part of the Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area which serves as a bedroom community. This includes the larger community consisting of Fayetteville and Springdale. Since its inception, the city has experienced over 160% growth in population.

Tontitown entails all essential elements that make up a small town. It is best suited when you are planning to raise a family, retirement, vacation destination, and business relocation or business start-up.

The town is uniquely located in the scenic Ozarks with full access to the airports and freeways. This is inclusive of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. The American dream philosophy is engraved at the heart of the town. It is becoming a hub for entrepreneurial activities with high standards of living.

The University of Arkansas is located near the Fayetteville, which is home to the Razorbacks. Additionally, the town is culturally enriched with a conducive working environment. Home to over 5,000 residents while hosting over 200 business enterprises.

A few things worth noting in Tontitown include:

Major Attractions
Since its inception in 1899, the Tontitown Grape Festival sponsored by the St. Joseph’s church has become a fun scene for area residents and tourists. Hailed as one of the biggest festivals in Northwest Arkansas while drawing people from all over the USA.

Rooted in a rich Italian heritage, it is an excellent source of entertainment together with the Run for Grapes, Carnival, book sale and the annual coronation of the Queen of the Festival. It is an open festival which is diverse and highly engaging.

Major Landmarks
The Tontitown Historical Museum is an important historical aspect of the town founded by the sisters Mary and Zelinda Bastianelli. It is home to various ancient artifacts and cultural traditions which are related to the Italian heritage.

Major Companies
Tontitown is home to a wide variety of enterprises with over 100 successful businesses. Backed with a solid tax for the area residents. Some large companies in the area include Ricky D Electric Inc., Cox Authorized Dealer, Comstar Enterprises and Clear View Enterprises among many.

Tontitown Chamber of Commerce
It is vital to learn about the Tontitown Chamber of Commerce when planning to start a business in the area. All business ventures in the field must obtain a business license unless the business venture can qualify for an exemption.

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