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Simplemachine created the website for MartCart, an affiliate of Assembled Products, in the Winter of 2018.
While helping to care for his elderly grandmother in the early 1980’s, Mr. William Sage noticed how difficult it was for Grandmother to do her grocery shopping or even to accompany the family during their shopping trips. Mr. Sage didn’t waste any time. He took out a napkin, as it was the only suitable drawing medium available, and started drawing concept ideas for the first electric shopping cart. The Mart Cart was born. Soon after, Mr. Sage began producing the first electric shopping cart in a small facility in Rogers, Arkansas.
In the first years, few carts were sold each month to stores, one by one. Today, Mart Cart builds and ships several thousand carts each year, meeting the needs of many Fortune 500 grocery, drug, variety, and specialty merchandise stores. Across America and around the world, a fleet of over 100,000 carts serve shoppers daily in one of life’s most necessary tasks.
Simplemachine has helped MartCart and its affiliates from start to finish on updating their old sites. Stay tuned to see all of the sites transformed as we move from project to project! Do you have mutiple websites that all need work done or need to be redesigned? Simplemachine can help along the way! Call today to start the process.
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