Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click service that allows your site to be the top result for a fixed or fluid amount of clicks. These are all those ‘Ads‘ that you see directly under your search bar after performing a Google search. The service allows you to maintain one of those spots near the top of the page for a pre-determined number of clicks. Upon fulfilling that number, you can maintain your spot by re-upping and paying for more clicks. The service is incredibly beneficial as most people will more often than not click on the top search result. If that is your ‘Ad‘ and that click takes them to your website, then that click has been worth it.

Adwords Management in Google

Pay per Click

However, if you do not define your Adwords’ campaigns specifically enough, you can get false-clicks. These false clicks could be something like a toddler clicking on your ad while playing a game on their parent’s phone or Ipad (That definitely DOES NOT help your business grow!). The management of such a complex system is incredibly beneficial as it allows our company to keep your company’s budget tight — we will see to it that negative keywords are constantly added to reduce unwanted clicks (and unwanted spend as a result).

Here’s A Cool Stat: In 2015, on average, at least one AdWords advertisement popped up in 63 percent of all keyword searches – a value increased from the previous year.

Custom WordPress Websites

Simplemachine uses WordPress, a Content Management System or CMS, to build and host not only our client’s websites, but our company’s websites. We use WordPress for many reasons. For instance, some other content developers use expensive and cluttered website content developers. The site can be over-complicated, cluttered and lack any user-friendliness. For any business that’s on the web, the ease of content navigation on your site is paramount.

Your WordPress website, created by Simplemachine, can grow right along with your business! Perhaps the most powerful capability of WordPress is the ease with which new functionality can be added. Features like high powered SEO tools, calendars, e-commerce, membership and social media features can be incorporated into your site via plugins, without the need to pay for expensive programming. The real challenge can be in deciding which plugins best fit your website’s needs! We can easily upgrade your website for new features and security maintenance. We can change-up your website without redoing your whole site, only those elements that you’d like to change. We can add new plugins for enhanced functionality (add e-commerce functionality with WooCommerce if your business grows, focus more on search results using the Yoast SEO plugin and building local citations, adding a store finder or map, etc.) We want to see your business growing and will work with you to make sure we’re doing everything we can on the internet side of things.

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