10 Benefits of Custom Website Design vs. Pre-made Website Templates

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Website design can either boost your business or decrease it. When people visit your website, they want something they can navigate easily and gives them the information they need. Additionally, they look at the presentation of the website.

You may be tempted to use a pre-made website template as a shortcut, but this one-size-fits-all approach won’t ensure that your needs, as well as those of your customers, are met.

The following are 10 benefits of custom website design vs. pre-made website templates:

1. Unique Design

A website should be representative of your company. It should show what your business is all about. You need a unique website that is true to your business.
Custom website designs allow you to create the website that you want. You get to choose the design, the color, and the layout. Also, you can make your website anything that you want, and you’re not limited to working with a template.

Using custom website designs allows you full control of the website and lets you change the design at will. Moreover, the unique design doesn’t resemble any other business’ website design.

2. Easy to Update

When you create a website for your business, you need to update it from time to time. This is because Google algorithms change, so you need to be aware of these changes and update your website accordingly.

When you don’t use the latest Google algorithms, your website doesn’t rank highly. You need your website to rank higher on Google to increase the number of visitors in your site. An increase in traffic usually translates to the clicks and conversions you get in your website.

3. Access to Developers

Custom website designs allow you to have access to developers. Managing a website can be a full-time job. You need to keep it updated and add new content to keep the website relevant and ensure that it ranks higher on Google.

Additionally, if your website has problems, having a team of professional developers ensures that the problem is fixed immediately. This allows your website to be up and running with no delays. Although troubleshooting services aren’t always free, having a professional website developer ensures that you get high-quality services.

4. SEO-friendly

Custom websites are designed by the developer to be SEO-friendly. SEO-friendly websites usually rank higher on Google.

This ensures that you get more traffic to your website. When you have an increase in the number of people visiting your website, this increases the number of conversions. This, in turn, increases the profit you can generate from your website. Additionally, it ensures that people know about your business and products. Having a great website increases brand loyalty, and you get new customers.

5. Manageability

Managing your website is a full-time job, and you need to be hands-on in all the activities. You need to ensure that the website has new content to keep it relevant. Also, you need to ensure that it has keywords that help it to rank higher.

The custom website is easy to manage and update the content. When you use the content management system, you can update your website from anywhere.
This makes your work easier, and your website stays updated all the time. Additionally, a custom design website can be managed easily. You don’t always have to call a professional to update any content as you can do that by yourself.

6. Compatibility

When you create a website for your business, you want it to reach everybody around the globe. This is to make sure that you attract more traffic to your website. When you get a lot of people visiting your site, chances are the visits will turn to conversions and help your business profit. The website designs should be compatible with all devices and browsers.

This ensures that your site works as it is supposed to with every visitor and customer. The compatibility is achieved by testing the website on different browsers before declaring it final.

7. Security

Cyber attacks are rampant, and they are everywhere. You never know when your website will be attacked and hacked. For this reason, you need to be safe and secure all the time. This can be achieved by always updating your website. Also, you need to ensure that there are no loopholes or weaknesses in your website where the hackers can attack. This is to protect your business, your clients’ information, and your personal information. There is some information that can cause you damage if it’s leaked.

Custom websites are built with security measures put in place. The website is easily updated to some of the latest codes to keep hackers away.

8. Scalability

A custom website grows with your business. As time goes by, your business grows and expands. You find that some of your interests keep on changing. Your business diversifies, and you have new interests.

When this happens, you need to fit everything in your website by updating it and introducing all the services you offer. This can be hard to achieve if your website doesn’t grow. The process of creating a new website for your business is hectic. Therefore, when creating a website, ensure that it grows with your website.

9. Responsiveness

Different devices display your website differently. When you’re using a phone and a desktop, the designs look different. This is usually because of the screen size. When you’re using a phone, the website design changes and adjusts to fit on the screen. You can see everything on the website because it shrank for it to be displayed on the mobile phone.

This ensures that all your customers can access your website at all times with any device. Also, this lets your customers access any information they might be looking for in your website with no struggle.

10. Aesthetically pleasing

When you’re looking for website designs, you need a design that is not only unique but also pleasing to the eye. A website that looks great can attract customers.

A great website that looks good reflects your business, your values, and culture. You don’t want people to associate your brand with plain and boring. Especially if you are dealing with products like clothes and cosmetics, the display of your website will determine how many people will want to be associated with the brand. A simple, plain, and boring website can contribute to you losing customers.

Getting the help you need

Getting the best website design for your website can improve your business growth. If you’re looking for someone to create a website for your business, contact the experienced professionals at Simplemachine today for services such as content and SEO marketing and website development.


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