12 Reasons Why You Should Use Google AdWords to Transform Your Advertising

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Whether you are new to advertising or not, you must have heard about Google AdWords. This is Google’s platform for advertising that allows you to reach your target audience by creating ads suited to them. It uses Pay per Click (PPC) advertising that has so many benefits, including that you only pay when a consumer clicks on it. AdWords offers the most advantages to any business, big or small, by being the most cost-effective option as well as giving the most freedom. If you are not sure if AdWords is the platform for you, here are twelve reasons why you should choose it.

1. Wide Reach of People

Google is one of the most used tools on the internet, so everyone you need to see your ads is literally in your reach. Everyone likes using the search tab when looking for products or services that you offer. Therefore, when you use AdWords for your ads, you give them access to an easy solution for what they need. The best part about this is that there is no guessing, you are sure that anyone that clicks on your post is either seriously looking for what you offer or is at least interested.

2. Works with Your Budget

AdWords also gives you maximum control over how much you spend in advertising. This is an excellent thing because Google Ads uses PPC, which can also be quite expensive with the possibility of some keywords, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, you are also allowed to set a maximum budget for your campaigns. By choosing the right keywords and the restraint on your budget, you don’t need to keep monitoring how your ads are doing.

3. Maximum Control

One of the best features of Google AdWords is that it gives you a wide range of options, so everything is in your hands. You no longer must use excessive resources and time to achieve success with your advertising campaigns. Since Google AdWords has a broad reach of audiences, you can control who sees what you have to offer and hence make the most using the least amount of resources. It allows you to start and stop advertising whenever you want to reach as many people as possible.

4. You Can Measure Progress

If you use SEO as a way of marketing your business or products, then you know how difficult it is to measure success. This is because you won’t know for sure what led to an increased ranking or decreased for that matter. However, using Google AdWords has an easy way to show you your PPC metrics. You can easily discern what is working and what needs improving. Because of this provision, all your Ads get to stand out since you know what to do.

5. Capitalize on the Consumer’s Intent

With Google AdWords, you can make the most from the fact that the person who clicks on your ad is looking for it. Many users consider Ads as a bother, but that is not the case when using Google’s advertising platform. In this case, your ad will provide a solution for whatever the person is looking for. It could be information about services or a particular product. That way, when the consumer clicks on your ad, you are more confident that they need what you are offering. You can both provide a service for the consumer, making their life better and gain a new customer.

6. It Is Faster

While you cannot use Google AdWords as the only way to market your business, it still yields faster results than with SEO. With SEO, it is not easy to rank higher since it is not as simple as using the right keywords. The posts in the highest-ranking sites are well written, and many of them have the backup of a good number of backlinks. That is why it is difficult to rank higher using SEO, but Google Ads provides you with the opportunity to beat all those high-ranking websites. Your Ad will be the first thing the consumer sees, which increases your chances of getting a click.

7. Get More Conversions

Google decides on the ad ranking based on the landing page that people arrive at after clicking on your ad. This is why it is essential to have an excellent landing that allows the person to get what he was looking for exactly. If your landing pages are great and give unique user experience, then you will likely get more conversions than if you took the clicker to any random page. Remember that the quality of experience that the person receives after clicking is essential and will either improve or reduce your ranking.

8. It Is More Engaging

People get attracted to ads that are done well, and that is why Google provides various formats for ads. This can either be a simple listing of the product or in-video as in the case of YouTube. Therefore, choosing an ad format that appeals more to your audience will get you more clicks, which could mean more sales for your business. Consequently, you need to check and implement the newly provided extensions to help you achieve better ad campaigns.

9. Allows Remarketing

Sometimes people may click on your ad and visit your site but leave without buying anything. AdWords has a solution for this by allowing you to reconnect with these people having customized an offer or message for them. It will enable you to show these people what they missed out on when they use different apps or even on YouTube. This allows you to capture their attention, and if you do it right, they will smoothly go back to your site and buy something, to the point of becoming a regular customer.

10. Helps in Growing Your Brand

It is not always that a person will click on your ad even when they are looking for what you offer. However, the simple fact that they have seen the advertisement and your brand name help keep you in their minds. Therefore, you must have a tagline even on your ads since you want it to become familiar even to people that don’t necessarily need your product. You also have the option to prioritize showing the ad to more people even though they do not necessarily click on it. It will help people to identify your brand to specific attributes.

11. Email Marketing

Other than people seeing your ads when they perform a search on Google and in apps, there is also email marketing. Millions of users use Gmail, and as a result, they can view your ads as well, thanks to Google Ads as of 2015. The ads are usually on the promotion tab in Gmail both on desktop and mobile hence allowing people to view and even click on them. The best part is that if you are on a budget, this would be an excellent way to get your ad to users since it costs less than search ads.

12. Beat Your Competition

While AdWords is very popular, and almost every single business uses it, many of them still rely heavily on SEO, especially those ranking on page one. If you haven’t had much luck with SEO, then AdWords is your way of at least leveling the field and eventually beating them. Even if your competition mostly relies on Google Ads, you have a chance to do better so you can emerge at the top.

AdWords is a platform that you cannot ignore so you must get on board with it. However, many people still struggle to understand it and to come up with correct strategies on how to handle it. That is why we provide you with full Google Ads service where we match you with a specialist that will help you make the best out of AdWords. Contact Simplemachine today, and we will enable you to achieve the best advertising campaigns for your business.

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