Why Your Brand Should Offer A Strong Mobile Experience

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Today, everyone  literally has a smartphone, and they use it for much more than making calls. According to Smart Insights, over 20% of Google searches are conducted directly from smartphones, and 25% of Internet users only access the web from their mobile device. But, it’s not good enough to have any old mobile website! The website must provide users with a positive mobile experience. According to the previously mentioned Smart Insights, 61% of people have a better opinion of a brand when it offers a strong mobile experience. While there are many different types of mobile design, a responsive design with a great mobile experience is the best. Continue reading to learn five reasons your website development should be built with a responsive design.

Built for Google

At an SMX Advanced event in 2012, Google’s Pierre Farr declared that Google preferred a responsive web design instead of multiple mobile templates. In any case, a single responsive URL is much easier for Google’s bots to crawl your site and reduces the likelihood of having on-page SEO problems. In the end, responsive designs are significantly easier to maintain and even perform better than separate mobile-template sites.

Built for Speed and for a Better User Experience

Since every website and brand is concerned with SEO, it’s vital to have a mobile website that performs well. It’s vital the content above the fold loads in less than a second on mobile devices and the rest of the page loads in less than two seconds. However, desktop websites will hardly ever load this fast on a mobile website. If your website fails to do so, visitors will immediately leave and more than likely go directly to your competition. In any case, using the more speedy responsive website development is the key.

Built for the Future

One of the biggest benefits of using responsive design for website development is the uncanny ability to adapt to any device of any size. While other mobile website development templates may be designed based on the device, a responsive design is based on the screen size. As a result, regardless of the device, a responsive design will always display properly for the screen. This means that as new watches, glasses, TVs, and devices emerge, a responsive design will still display beautifully. When a responsive web development technique is used, users with new devices will continue to get value from the site in the future even if you do not plan on them visiting the site.

Built with Superior Code

When it comes to your website development, every pixel, bit, and byte makes a huge difference in the final product. Using responsive web design causes developers to pay special attention to every detail, which yields a much better finished product. In the end, a more concise and cleaner code offers several SEO, usability, and speed benefits.

Built to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

While it’s vital to have a mobile website, it can be costly investing in several Mobile apps, a Mobile site, and a Desktop site. However, you can get the most bang for your buck by investing in a single responsive website. By choosing to focus the time of your developer into a single website development code that works for several platforms, you will experience a much higher return on your investment.

In the end, it’s about your website working for you instead of you funding multiple sites. The responsive design allows you to achieve these goals and much more. Contact us to learn more about the intrinsic benefits of using a responsive design for your website development.

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