14 Instagram Tricks You Should Know for Your Business Page!

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Instagram allows you to capitalize on user-generated content (UGC) with minimal effort from participants. With your unique hashtag in the caption, customers get to help you increase brand awareness by posting images of them using your product. The aim of active participation on this platform is to get more followers and likes. Working with a communications professional with years of experience ensures that you deliver compelling content. Below are tricks you should know for your business page in order to correctly leverage Instagram as a social network.

1.    Follow New Brands and Personalities

This is necessary especially when you are starting out on the platform. To determine who to follow, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom section of your home page. The app will offer you suggestions of videos and images which you can use to access different accounts. To be effective with your time on Instagram, you need to follow relevant brands and personalities.

2.    Leverage Your Instagram Bio

When you are on this platform, your bio should not be neglected especially because posts focus more on hashtags and images than call to actions. Use the bio to feature a call to action, a link to your business website and branded hashtags as well. Consider having a consistent link for your Instagram campaign, so you don’t have to change it now and then. Call to actions and links to your website encourage individuals interacting with your account for the first time to follow you.

3.    Build a community

Instagram is a platform that features a vast variety of audiences. Ensure you build a community around your brand to increase revenue streams. You need to show love to your followers by posting fan snapped photos that feature your product. This way, more customers will be encouraged to transact with your company. Other followers will also be encouraged to share user-generated content on their accounts. Every follower posting about your product introduces your business to more Instagram users. When followers mention your brand’s account name, use your brand’s unique hashtag, or tag you on a post, ensure you appreciate them.

4.    Shoutouts and Features

Popular Instagrammers can significantly impact the success of your business. Consider reaching out to macro influencers on the platform to leverage their pages to increase exposure for your business. When your products are featured by Instagram celebrities, their followers are inclined to consider transacting with your company.

Also, remember to reach out to an influencer who showcases your products without you asking them to appreciate the gesture. Developing a healthy relationship with influencers on this platform ensures you have a solid backing of the influential Instagrammers. Driving new followers and likes for your business ensures the company gets the exposure it needs to thrive.

5.    Guest Instagrammers

This social platform allows you to invite guest Instagrammers to your account. Consider using this opportunity to have people who influence the platform. This way, you get to garner a massive following and have people comment on your posts. Teaming up with an influencer should be properly timed to achieve the most. They can take over your account during major events, this way you include the influencer’s large following to your brand.

6.    Instagram Video

The platform allows you to engage with followers through videos. Use this opportunity to show followers how your company is run. Behind the scenes, videos give customers confidence in your products because they show that you have nothing to hide. Videos also allow you to spotlight your products and convince your audience of the value you offer. Since this is an interactive and fun platform, don’t forget to entertain and tell a story with your videos.

7.    Ask Help From Users

Even with a large following, you’ll need followers’ help to achieve certain milestones on the platform. For instance, if you want to feature on the most popular explore page, you can ask followers to help you in captions. Ensure that the request is short and clear so that followers do not miss it.

8.    Use Photo-Editing Apps

Aside from being a trend, you cannot afford to ignore, using photo-editing apps help you adjust the brightness and clarity of photos before you post them. With advancements in technology, followers expect you to post high-quality images and videos. Besides, using apps, your followers are familiar with not only pomps up the look of your photos but also help boost increase engagement. You can leverage filters to ensure your posts are conversation starters.

9.    Candid Shots

Consider using Instagram as a followers’ backstage pass. The platform should give your followers a behind-the-scenes look. Aside from highly polished images, you also need to show followers the inner workings of the company. Followers need to know the faces behind your brand. When you elaborately highlight what your company does, followers see value in the products you offer. Remember to also feature employees as it gives the impression that you appreciate them as much as you value your customers.

10.    Product Teasers

If you are in a product-based business, ensure you post soon to be released products to catch people’s interest. This is guaranteed to drive photo likes and boost brand awareness. Ensure that product launches and releases are set around exciting events to build even more excitement for the brand. Teaser photos can be used by clothing companies, beauty companies, and many other product-based companies.

11.    Contests

The platform is excellent for a contest due to its growing popularity. Ensure you have a reward for who will win to encourage more people to participate. Contests create excitement around your brand and boost the business’ following.

12.    Asking Questions in the Photo Caption Section

Asking questions in the photo or video caption section encourages people to not only like but also comment on your posts. You can ask questions that help you get feedback, so you improve product quality and service delivery. Questions also help you identify potential customers judging from the answers they give.

13.    Incorporate Popular Hashtags

Aside from your branded hashtags, you should also make a habit of using popular hashtags. Based on the industry you are based in, there are popular hashtags that different companies incorporate to get the attention of new followers. You can use Google to discover popular hashtags and remember not to overuse them. Overzealous and clustered caption sections throw followers off. You can use one to three revenant hashtags if you want to get the attention of your followers.

14.    Timing

With this platform, timing is everything because photos stay on the timeline for roughly four hours before they disappear. Aside from knowing what time your followers are more likely to check into Instagram, you should also master different time zones. Photos are best posted in the mornings and evenings when people are not pre-occupied with day to day activities. Other downtimes you should consider leveraging include lunch hour and rush hour.


Leveraging social networks for brand awareness allows you to increase revenue streams. Ensure you work with a professional content marketing and SEO company for best results.

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