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As a small business owner, you understand the importance of bringing in local customers. Your community becomes the lifeblood of the business, so attracting these residents to your storefront or website is vital for building your company. The business website serves as your window to the community, but you need to make sure it is easy to locate when someone performs an Internet search for the kinds of products and/or services you provide. How do you specially target the local area around Bentonville, AR or other nearby communities? At Simplemachine, we can help guide you through this very process and build your local Internet footprint. Here are a few of the ways.

Claim Your Business

It might sound simple, but you may be surprised as to how many business owners do not do this. Google, Yelp, Bing and other online services provide listings to businesses. This may include ratings and other helpful information. You can claim your business listing on these sites, which helps in a few different ways. First, you can stay abreast of what current and former customers think of your service (not to mention jump on any issues you may detect). This also helps with your localized search engine optimization (SEO). By boosting your local SEO, your website is more likely to appear during localized Internet searches. Claiming your business does require you to prove ownership of the business. While there are a few different steps involved in order to ensure only owners can claim a business, we can assist you with this, which will instantly improve your company’s website traffic.

Building the Localized SEO

Boosting your localized SEO is not just about claiming your business on these different websites; there are variations to be made to your website as well. Now, these usually are not extensive changes. It may just require a few word changes or some additional information, but for the most part the overall look of your website will not change. When search engines crawl your site for information, just about every bit of it is scanned and categorized. We can help set up the right way to include your business address, the best location on the site for this, and other effective aspects to improve localized Internet traffic.

Do not Forget Social Media

Gone are the days where all you need is a website; indeed, with more technology comes more responsibility. However, if you know how to use this technology, you can grow your business faster as well. Social media plays an important role in building your business. Social media gives you another way to connect with members of the Bentonville, AR community. You can put out special information about the store, release insights about sales, and most importantly, offer a clear line of communication with customers. Social media is what it says on the can: social. The entire point of social media is to connect with others. As a business, you connect, possibly entertain, and often inform as well. A strong social media campaign, both with the account and through marketing, has great potential to grow your business. Pair that with a strong website that performs well through localized searches and you have the recipe for a long-term successful company.

No matter the kind of business you run or the services you provide, the company website needs to outperform other sites, specifically when targeting the greater Bentonville, AR area. At Simplemachine, we can help you build your website, improve regional SEO and help design exceptional content marketing for your business. So give us a call. We are excited to work with you.

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