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If you spent 2018 trying to grow your business but couldn’t reach your target sales, then welcome 2019 with new growth ideas. Digital marketing for business has become the most guaranteed method for boosting business sales up to twice the initial sales. Traditional methods cannot be left out, as they are still helpful. So, what are some of these tools and practices that can positively affect your business sales this New Year?


In digital marketing for business, the website acts as your online office where customers stop by for product and service information, business policies, terms, in-site purchases and to acquire your contact or address information. Ensure your website is dynamic with pages that are easy to navigate. Use WordPress to create an attractive website and have your social media icons at arm’s reach.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, utilize in-app tools like pages, groups, broadcasts, promotions and more to reach your audience, educate them about your products and services, and most importantly, connect with them. If you can address their queries promptly and with accuracy, more prospects will trust what you are selling.


The best part of blogging is pulling traffic to your online platforms. Heck, you can even earn money from blogging on your business site. Blogging is essential in one way: You create an opportunity to show prospects that you are familiar with the problem your product or service is trying to solve. Blog to teach prospects how to use your product and why they need your product.

Landing Pages

Are you about to launch a new product? Create a landing page among your website pages to tell customers all about the new product. This means that this one page exclusively addresses the new product so there are no distractions from other page content.

E-commerce Page

Make it easy for customers to access and purchase your products from the comfort of their couches by adding an e-commerce page to your website or having an e-commerce website. For every product have an amount, description and options like quantity, color, and many more.

Online Advertising

Make use of a social media advertising plan and use pay-per click-platforms like Google AdWords, and influencer marketing, among others, to the maximum. Remember, marketing is important to your business growth, so don’t just stick to the free methods of creating awareness. Spend a few coins to reach more prospects in less time.

Content Marketing

This involves the use of content in terms of text and images to create awareness of your brand. Don’t just blog – share the blog posts on social media and attach appropriate images to the posts. Link each social media post excerpt to the complete post on your website. This is a good way to drive traffic to your website where prospects can access your service and product information.

Branding or Re-branding

Branding begins with basic steps like creating a logo. If you are an existing business and you feel like your logo does not represent your services as it should, then opt for a re-brand. Get a professional designer to help create an amazing logo and tagline for your company. Go ahead and brand a few items like stationery, cups, apparel and other giveaways for prospective clients. This is a proven, brilliant way to introduce your business to people.

Billboard Advertising

Traditional media is still as good as digital marketing for business. Budget for billboard advertising in your 2019 marketing plan. Billboards are quite costly, so ensure that your design explains your products or services with clarity. Use clear text and images. Make it a bit colorful but presentable and don’t forget to include your business logo and tagline.

Magazine Ads

On a traditional-media note, consider magazines. Some magazines still do prints while others publish online. When approaching a magazine company for ad space on its print edition, inquire about their website and social media. See if they can also help advertise your business on their online platforms.

Video Marketing

As we consider tools and platforms like YouTube, IGTV, and Stories, you have a great chance of using your business videos to educate and attract prospects. Have a video about your new product or service, educate people on why they need to purchase what you are selling and even show them how your products are created. Keep the videos entertaining but educative. Don’t leave out a link to your website.


Most people on the internet are too lazy to go through hours of video or long blog posts to get summaries of the information they are looking for. Use an infographic to summarize long content into pie charts, images, and texts in point form. Infographics are also easily shareable, making them perfect for social media.


Search engine optimization is still a great tool in digital marketing for business. Link texts in posts to reputable and authoritative websites, magazines and blogs. Use related keywords in your blog posts and page content to help rank highly on search engines. The keywords should also appear on your post URL and images’ alternate text.

Email Marketing

Sign up with an email marketing company and use attractive pop-ups to get people to join your mailing list. Send your subscribers great freebies, offer discounts, notifications on new blog posts or webinars and product information. This will keep your business brand alive in their minds.

Brand Analysis

Sometimes the problem with low sales is not your marketing strategies. A brand analysis will help you look at the foundation of your business to identify either loopholes in your branding or your products. Find out your weaknesses through brand analysis and make them your strengths.


The best part about using brochures is that they act almost like a website. You can have a tri-folder brochure looking colorful yet professional and share information on your services and products as well as give out your contact information all at once. Give out brochures alongside your business card at business and networking functions and to friends and family too.

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns have been 2018’s best tool in digital marketing for business with companies like Nike taking the lead. Campaigns get people talking and this increases business popularity.

Competitions and Giveaways

Everyone likes competitions and free giveaways on the internet. Giveaways can be your own product or a non-related product or service. Either way, the point of the competition should be to have more people try out your products.

Study Your Competitors

You must know what they are doing to make more sales than you. Why do their products go viral? How do they run their marketing? How is their social media activity? Ask yourself the same about your brand, compare notes and see why your brand is lagging.

When it comes to digital marketing for business, you have to be creative and aggressive. As you head into the New Year, set higher targets and create an amazing list of marketing ideas that you will execute to achieve your sales targets. Looking for reliable professionals to help grow your business and give it authority in the industry? Contact us today.


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