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Social Media Management

Social media provides your business with excellent outreach potential! With different platforms, you can connect both with business associates and customers as you showcase your products and services in a new light. However, to fully realize the possibilities of your social media presence, you need to tailor create every post, understand when to post content and remain communicative with those who post to your account or message you. Running a business is already a full-time job, so you likely do not have the available hours in the day necessary to grow and cultivate a growing social media community. This is why social media management is such a valuable investment for your business.

Understand Peak Timing

In order to put a social media post in front of the most viewers possible, timing is everything! More users for certain social media services are logged on during specific times of the day. However, timing differs for each service. An individual is going to view their Twitter or Instagram accounts at different times than someone looking at Facebook or LinkedIn. Every social media service has a different peak time, so staying on top of this can be challenging. With a social media management company, you won’t have to worry about remembering these times or staying on top of it. A service provider like Simplemachine can do this for you.

Staying Active

One of the biggest problems home-run social media accounts run into is staying active. When you create an account, you may have all the motivation in the world to stay active and provide regular posts. However, even though a single social media post only takes a few moments, your vigorous work schedule may not leave you much time to post on a regular basis. Additionally, staying active is more than just posting content and forgetting about it. You need to respond to those who comment on your posts. This is what cultivates your online presence in a way a website or other forms of online marketing simply do not allow. To provide both timeless posts and timely responses, you likely need a full-time social media professional. Hiring on someone who knows the ins and outs of social media and can work a 40 hour work week is an expensive investment. Instead, a service such as Simplemachine can offer you a money saving opportunity while ensuring you accounts remain active.

What are Social Media Accounts Right For Your Business?

There are dozens of social media services available. From the currently popular Snapchat to the steadfast Twitter and Facebook, there is seemingly a new social media account popping up every few weeks. While your business doesn’t need to create an account for every service, there are some social media platforms tailor-made for your business. From showing off images of your latest products to sharing videos of your staff at work, a management provider can help identify the best options.

Social media growth is imperative towards reaching your company’s potential. Simplemachine is here to assist you in social media management. From creating the perfect posts for all of your accounts to helping you come up with new imagery content and when to post, you’ll see not only your follower numbers grow but your level of engagement as well. All of this points to a fully engaged audience. With a fully engaged audience, your business will experience higher levels of repeat sales and new customers, in thanks to your new found social media management service provider. So if you’re interested in taking your social media management to the next level, contact Simplemachine today!

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